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Writing Effective Communication Essay Sample

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Writing Effective Communication Essay Sample

A situation has arisen at the Roanoke branch office whereby there has been some amount of discontent among the staff. The problem began after a recent change of staff at the management level; apparently some members of the creative department which includes graphic artists and copywriters have since complained that their work is not being well received by the new management personnel. Additionally, four clients of the branch have complained about the quality of the advertising work produced at Roanoke. I am not sure whether the change in personnel or the complaint from the clients is the source of the discontent among the creative staff.

With that said, this situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible because the Roanoke branch provides advertising services to some of the company’s most valuable clients, without them the profitability of the company will be seriously compromised. In light of the aforementioned we as executives of the company need to act quickly to remedy the situation. I will therefore contact the staff at Roanoke in order to deal with the discontent that exists among them and to ensure that the branch managers are compensating workers for overtime.

I am requesting that Summer Breeze contact the creative team at the Roanoke branch to investigate the reasons for the rejection of creative work by the new management team and why there isn’t a consultative environment in that department. I also need Sunny Ray to analyze the new clients the branch has recently acquired and determine their feasibility and viability. I need Grace Kennedy to develop a method that will provide some kind of solution to staff working longer hours than they need to.

I expect a report with your findings and recommendations in my office by the end of business day February 14, 2013. We will meet the next day to review the reports and then have a formal executive meeting on February 18, 2013 in the main conference room to discuss implementation of the recommendations and the strategies to be employed for the Roanoke branch. The successful operation of the Roanoke branch is vital to the overall success of the company so it’s in our collective best interest to work efficiently and expeditiously to resolve the current situation. Copies:

Executive team:
Gregory Forest, President
Earl Havens, Chief Executive
Walter Mellon, Chairman
Sunny Ray, Vice President Client Services
Grace Kennedy, Vice President Marketing and Business Development Summer Breeze, Vice President Creative Services
Ronnie Cash, Vice President Finance


TO: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]
SUBJECT: Request for Payroll Statement and Compensation /Benefits Package Policy Dear Rock, In light of the prevailing situation at the Roanoke Branch as it relates to the discontent amongst the staff due to longer work hours last month. I need you to provide me with payroll statements from the branch for the last 12 months. Since you are responsible for salary and employee benefits you are the right person for this task. I also need you to provide me with a summary of the agency policies and the branch polices as it relates to overtime and compensation/benefits package.

The information you provide will help me to determine if the managers are adhering to these policies and if there are any significant differences with the overall agency policies and the policies of the Roanoke Branch. I have alerted the regional manager at the Roanoke branch to assist with any information you will require to complete your task.

I am therefore requesting that you go to the Roanoke branch tomorrow morning to gather the information; please communicate only with the branch manager. After you have gathered the requested information, I would like you to prepare a comprehensive but concise report with illustrations, to facilitate the analysis of trends and comparisons so we can quickly find a solution to the prevailing situation at Roanoke.

I am expecting you to provide me with your report by midday Wednesday February 6, 2013 and I will meet with you in my office at 3:30 PM to discuss your findings. The situation at the Roanoke Branch if not dealt with urgently can negatively impact the financial position of the entire organization. So it’s against this background that I request that you work efficiently and quickly so that we can all work to find the right solution to the problems at the Roanoke branch.

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