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Brooks’s historical novel Year of wonders expresses sides of human nature that are seen when adversity hits. In tragedy people are faced with terrifying experiences and struggles which change who they are. This can be or for better or worse. Anna is changed into a strong independent women and she thrives to help others in the town. While Michael Mompellion starts out in favour of conducting isolation for the towns

the towns peoples safety, but he later becomes a changed man and closes off when his wife Elinor dies. Josiah Bont takes advantage of the self-imposed quarantine and optimistically takes people money from them. With the social boundaries falling down around them, the people of Eyam fear that the plague will “make monsters of us all”. Anna Frith deals with many horrific experiences such as her husband dying in a mining accident and her two children being taken by the plague.

Trough Anna’s experiences she becomes a strong independent women as Elinor Mompellion guides her to stay positive after all her heart ache. The best is brought out in Anna when she assists many births, including the delivery of the Daniel’s baby although it is hard for her as it brings back memories of her two dead sons. She shows bravery when she goes mining for Merry after her husband died this way. She also shows courage and does everything she can to assist those who are sick and the newly orphaned children. Her life is put on the line by helping others but she does this by choice, and it shows how much of an impact she has on others’ lives. In addition, Michael Mompellion also assists those who are sick and dying, as he prayed and wrote out their wills. He conducted isolation of the town so that the disease did not spread and he took charge of the church when the Bradford’s fled. Michael worked with Elinor and Anna to try and better the sick and dying.

He later became a changed man and struggled to find motivation to commit himself to comfort those in need. He closes off to the world when reality hits of his wife Elinor dying. He chooses not to care about the community or any life forms anymore. This expresses the worst in him and to Anna he is a changed man. In contrast to Anna, her father Josiah Bont optimistically steals the people of Eyams money to dig graves for them. He is a heavy drinker and is insensible as he tries to bury a man while he is still alive

. He exploits the people of the village and gets his punishment by having his hands “impaled to [the mine]”. In such time of crisis, each individual is changed and influenced by their experiences. Anna goes through many heart aches but becomes a stronger woman from these ordeals, and helps many people along the way. Michael starts a courageous man helping other but closes off to the world and chooses not to care about the community anymore. The worst is brought out in the greedy man Josiah, as he only cares about money. People will change because of their experience and it will not always be for the best.

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