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While reading the short story, I came across a paragraph that gave me a clue of what the yellow wallpaper meant to her. She talks about how she discovers new findings by the day and therefore it gives her comfort. I think when she finally discovered what it was about the yellow wallpaper that drew her in, she made it her mission to rip it down. As she rips down the wallpaper it could relate to the fact that she has to tear herself apart to be free. She then questions herself, “… if they all [came] out of that wall-paper as [she] did?” (237). It is strange that she finds such frustration and relief from it. This resembles her, herself because she too is trapped into that home, within that room, and not being able to write. She mentions that there are many faces in the wallpaper, which tells me that these faces are women who are in the same position as her. She also says that “there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast” (237).

This line describes her situation because she too is creeping on others as she is kept inside. I think the theme in this short story is about how women are not allowed to do certain things and how men are dominant. She wants to be a writer but her husband does not allow that due to her mental illness. Although the narrator has a mental illness, believes that inanimate objects come to life, and that she was trapped in the yellow wallpaper; She makes a point of how women live by men’s rules and how they are limited to the amount of things they are able to do.

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