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Are there many healthy people in America? The answer is no, because so many American people are obese. It is a serious problem that so many American people have unhealthy eating habits. Especially people who live in the city usually eat a lot of junk food. The general reason is that they have no time to choose healthy and delicious food because they are too busy doing their work. Even though people know junk food is not nutritious, they eat this greasy and high calorie food very often.

Actually, being healthy can make you feel pleasure. Usually, people who want to be healthy should have healthy diet, and they can follow the food nutrition pyramid. Therefore, it is really necessary for most people to have healthy diet.

When I was in middle school, I liked to eat a lot of junk food and fried food. If I felt hungry late at night, I would eat instant noodles as my supper. However, instant noodles are very unhealthy and had high calories. It also contains Monosodium glutamate, palm oil and high salt. These factors cam really hurt human’s body. My favorite food was McDonald’s; it was the best meal in my mind. At that time, I was really lazy. I did not like to do exercise to waste my energy. My favorite sport was to lie on the sofa and watch cartoon. They were very interesting and enjoyable. When I was watching cartoon, I did not like to communicate with others. It was not until I went to high school that I started to realize that I was really weak and unhealthy. I got sick and could not play basketball well. I did not have any friends. After that, I thought I should change my lifestyle and daily eating diet.

At first, I bought a book about how to choose nutritious food for your daily diet. After reading this book every day and followed the healthy eating rules, I ate many vegetables and drank eight cups of water every day. Meanwhile, I did not eat McDonald’s greasy food or junk food anymore. I started to do push-ups and sit-ups every night, because I wanted to be stronger. In addition, I went to some classmates’ activities and told some funny jokes to them, so I can make more friends. At that time, I felt happy to be together and have fun with my friends. We usually went to play basketball together. They would like to drink some soda or energy drink,but I just drank water after each game. In order to be healthier, I insisted on eating one apple or pear every morning, and avoided eating deep fried food and high calorie food. Finally, I felt really good after I changed my unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

If a person usually ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of soda and did not do exercise, he can easily get ill and shorten his lifespan. When a person is being unhealthy, he does not have enough power to fight the disease. The unhealthy people’s mind will have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. They will be depressed, and get nervous and upset easily. Therefore, they will decide to eat a lot of snacks, junk food and drink a lot of soda. They will become very lazy and gluttonous. There are some factors that cause people to have unhealthy eating habits. For instance, when people are watching a movie, they eat mindlessly. It can cause them to eat a lot of snacks. Another factor is that many people like to eat some night snacks. When people eat food late at night, these snacks will transform into fat instead of nutrients. However, the most common factor is that many people skip breakfast almost every day. Also, this habit can really hurt people’s stomach and intestines.

Research has shown that those people who skipped breakfast were probably fatter, because they are more easily to have unhealthy snacks at mid-morning to increase their energy levels. Since most of the health problems were caused by irregular diet, in order to be healthy, many Americans should change their eating habit and daily diet. First, you need to eat a nutritious breakfast every morning. It can make your mind clear and focused. A healthy breakfast can be pretty simple. For example, you can cook a fried egg with toast and prepare a fresh apple as your breakfast. It does not require too much time to make it. Then, you need to be conscious of what you eat every day. For instance, you should know that deep fried food and high sugar food is really unhealthy for your daily diet. You also need to know the many kinds of vegetables and fruits that are good for your health, such as, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, apples, oranges and banana. After that, you should not eat any food at late night, because it can cause indigestion and affect your sleep. If you make some changes in your daily diet and lifestyle, it can really improve your health.

Therefore, in order to stay healthy, you should not only have healthy eating habits but also do exercise often and have positive thinking. If you can achieve these goals, you will feel really good and happy about yourself. If you do not want to eat nutritious food and stay healthy, you will become lazy, greedy and weak. Finally, I want to suggest to everyone to be healthy and feel good.

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