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1. Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP), an illness caused from the ingestion of saxitoxins. It is caused by HAB’s and there effects on shellfish, which are then consumed. Leaves the victim in a state of paralysis as symptoms progress. Death can result from respiratory failure. Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning (NSP), sickness caused by the result of ingesting shellfish contaminated by brevetoxin. Symptoms include nausea and neurological symptoms like slurred speech.

2. If harmful algae blooms were to occur in major fishing areas it could lead to major economic issues. The fishing market would be devastated, as the marine organisms of the area have been contaminated. Many people would be out of work. There would be a substantial amount of money put into the recovery of the area.

3. Many of the symptoms related to shellfish poisoning can be easily confused with that of common illnesses. It would be nearly impossible to trace the illness to the source of contaminated fish. Many would never think to relate nausea to HAB related poisoning, as there are many more common illnesses.

4. Due to the agriculture throughout the Gulf Coast there is an increased chance of runoff of pesticides that enhance the ability of algae to multiple and consume the oxygen in the water space and leave the organisms helpless. Being a heavily populated area there is a lot of pollution being put into the water.

5. HAB’s release harmful toxins as well as removing oxygen from the area and blocking sunlight. The organisms in the area are depleted of oxygen and sunshine leaving them to die in the now baron ocean space.

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