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Your First Impressions of Nora from A Dolls House Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Write an account of Helen Burns’ last night done from her perspective. You should aim to create an authentic voice for Helen Burns which builds upon Charlotte Bronte’s presentation of her character and captures aspects of the writer’s chosen form, structure and language.

Oft have I been on the outside looking in. Dependence is not a trait desirable in life. For years I was looked on with disdain as a woman motherless. The death of my mother only served to remind my father of this fact and soon all memory that we had once laughed in the gardens of our northern manor were fading.

a warm gentle voice draws me back into this earthly realm; my eyes open and I can see, for I am engulfed in the shiny white light of the soft gleewing moon that shines through the casements and the small light flame beside my cradle. Through the shadows I fancy I see a banshee, silhouetted by the candlelight, long ago had I shed my need to take comfort from such wild tales of fairies and imps but now anew memory of childhood days enthralled me.

‘Helen!’ The voice repeats my name.

I raise my frail weak body and draw back the curtains and before me is not a phantom but the face of one who brings a smile to my lips and a gleam to my eyes. Ere long, my eyes glistened and became wet and we met in a warm embrace. Long ago I had accepted the fate t

hat awaited me for I saw some profit the fear of death brought to those who surrounded me. Death was

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just the end of a path that brought one to God their maker, creator of heaven and earth. Even after the death of my mother I saw with great despondency the sorrow, anguish and suffering her death had given to those who knew and loved her in life. Therefore I decided that I wanted to leave this world knowing that no one would shed so many tears over my early grave. I could not bear to be the cause of so much pain. It was thus with gratitude to my father that I came to Lowood to receive an education. I knew the universal truth that an education was a boy’s right and a girl’s privilege.

Previous thoughts had made me determined to be strong and alone like Job I was resolute that the time I had left would be dedicated to a life of endurance and acceptance; alone I would do good and bear all the misfortune that crossed my path, seeking only the pleasure of the Might One. Experiencing my suffering patiently in hope of the hapiness of my Father. Alas, here I lay beside one who I have become accustomed. In this I am able to comprehend the true meaning of the book as though through endurance one gains humility, it is through love and kindness that strength is found. Gratitude, given to such souls as Ms Temple and Jane Eyre will forever flourish within my heart for through them I have learned much- I have found my path to happiness like the prince of Rasselas.

They have taught me to live and I have come to find that to have people on others this earth who will shed a tear at my passing is not a thing to be shunned but an emblem that my life was prized and will be remembered. A hallow cough brakes through my musing. Drawing evermore near to the end of these days, I feel one last service must be done for unto Jane must I impart the wisdom and judiciousness learnt by me in my lifetime and thus help you to understand my own feelings as well.

Adieu Jane, I have found I have come to take pleasure in your presence beside me, even in the end you are here by my side. May we meet again in the presence of the saviour; remember the word that I have imparted unto you for they will help you on your journey for your own happiness, adieu.

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