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Youth and Technology Essay Sample

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Youth and Technology Essay Sample

Knowledge has increased. The age of information has offered a lot of gadgets like cellular phones, computers, cameras audio/video players, etc., and a lot of people are being fond of them and coveting to whatever is new in the market. We admit that modern technology makes us more productive and fastpaced. It makes our coomunication faster; research works, a lot easier. Technology acts a scaffolding to learning. Business oppurtunities and transactions become wider in scope causing the world to become smaller and reachable.

By Using Technology

We need to be aware that while we enjoy the comfort that modern technology brings, there are so many negative things or should I say, there is an a evil side of it. It becomes part of our culture, the pop culture that enslaves most people. At some point it becomes an obsession then addiction to so many people spend their school allowance at an internet cafe not for research work, bt for computer gaming and social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). There is also what we call “text addicts” who use most of their time texting. We can observe that technology has a devastating impact in the human mind an our well-being-computers and cellular phones make peopleidle and unfruitful; television programs are full of violence, sex, myth, propaganda and lies; and the internet is flooded with pornographic sites. All of these have a negative influence in our development as a Christian because they take our time and hinder us from praying, studying the Bible, and attending church services. We don’t need statistics to show who among the age grou[ is so much affected by modern technology. It is very obviuos, it is the youth of today! Why? Because: 1.) They are more knowledgeable in using

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