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Youth life in Afghanistan Essay Sample

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Youth life in Afghanistan Essay Sample

I always remember the first time I was slapped in my right check in class 1 since my homework was not done by me. But that was misunderstood I actually did my homework it was so clean and artily written that the teacher misjudged me. I found life so tough and challengeable even in my honesty and perfection since childhood. I had to prepare myself for the ups and downs of life, especially in field of Learning and Education in a country called Afghanistan.

I was so in love of Learning that in class 3 I started to learn English so I was really and impatiently looking to learn a foreign language, especially The English Language. But when I started to learn English it was so tough and challengeable because none of my family members knew English. I was the first person to learn a foreign language in the family, with very little educational and economical resources.

As a little boy growing up in a prejudiced environment of Kabul and the Taliban regime, I was appearing to be a shame for the family and surroundings for shifting myself from Islam and Afghan Cultural studies to a Modernized Western human who puts no values to Islam and the Afghan culture instead studying English something that no one needs it in my country, that was what other people were thinking so. However, the Taliban planted these mindsets but the most painful predicament was it’s widening among people. Unfortunately, not only the Taliban were thinking wrong so did the people.

The dimness of hope at that moment of time was so strong and effective on believe of the people that altered the timeworn believes of people which were the heritage of their ancestors. People were teasing me differently with their own internal black believes. Some were joshing me for learning so called a non-Muslim Language, and some were teasing me why I am not gaining religious education instead. And some were in believes that why I am wasting my time learning English because no one had a hope that one day the country will change and the current regime of darkness will fall.

However, the pessimistic philosophy of that time had little effect on me too and I thought there would never be an end to darkness of the time, the ridicule of the people, but still it wasn’t vital for me. Because a student at that moment of time should wear turban around his head anytime when he is attending his classes, no matter it is a religious class, school subjects class, English class, math or anything else. And during every class there were visits of the mullahs to take religious tests from the students. This was my life over the course of learning for five years of education during the Taliban regime.

What made an impressive change in my life was the day when I entered my English Lessons class and I wasn’t wearing turban. And I knew that exactly one day ago the Taliban hit my teacher because one of his students was not wearing his turban. My teacher said “ Sirat, you know I don’t want to be slapped again in my face in front of my students because of you not wearing turban.” He sighed and said “ so I recommend you to take off the class today or if you really insist having lessons today you have only one chance to stand behind the window of the class outside and take your lessons and in case if you feel danger or some one coming just run away.” He turned his face to the blackboard just like I am not existed in this world and more than 70 of my classmates were looking so cold and discouraging to me.

For a few seconds this disgrace was melting me down but then I turned to be a proud man standing outside behind the window of my class taking my lessons in fear of being caught by the governmental authorities if they enter the education center. And all what I was remembering was the sayings of my father, “War takes your dignity, formality, conviction but no one can take your knowledge gained from an education”. By remembering these sayings I understood that I should not loss my confidence in learning education in any depressing situations especially in my narcissistic society that can undoubtedly engulf my confidence and dignity.

That day was the day which it changed my life and was the first day of my life I looked life from totally a new perspective where I was not only suffering the revolting disparagement of my society but also experiencing the toughest steps of education in a superficial community. However, my family was in lowest possible income that could only support our eating and surviving cost-effective living. They keenly guaranteed their help towards my education and lifestyle.

By receiving help and struggling through the agonizing society of that time, I really had to conquest across the ups and downs of life to achieve my goals and learn education with the minimum possible budget I got. I absorbed that living in a blackness society needs passion and suffering to get to my goals and in the end the income of what I am looking for is improbable. So I set my goals and grasped the chain of education and started to push up myself to get to the top of my aspirations. In every steps of my life that I was taking toward the new optimistic view of my struggles, I was seeing motivation and elaboration that in the years of 2004 – 2005 I got the opportunity to work voluntarily with Afghanistan’s Bookstores Association.

Proudly, during 2004 I translated my first book to English (Ganjinae Khati) and in 2005 I reviewed and computerized the second book (Dari Grammar in English for foreigners) that really indicated me the subsidy of my struggles toward education and knowledge. It was the most amazing moment of time when the chief of the Afghanistan’s Bookstores Association handed me the published book where my name was written for the first time in the cover of the book as translator. The proud of that time and the amazing smile in my face was sensible to anyone around my family and me. Achieving my goals were so astonishing that not only encouraged me to set better goals but did also hearten me for higher objectives.

Today with the hard work of several years I finally found that nothing left to me from life only just my education that always gives me respect, dignity and honored. I found that by operating voluntarily in my society and community works my self-assurance and journey for knowledge has grown exponentially. I am now proud of my knowledge, my part in the society, my voluntarily work in community that really built me to be a man for my country and struggle more to learn what is needed for my people.

Looking back to the struggles I faced at young age in a destroyed country and those daunting people I was dealing with, I realized that these instances operated as the promoter in developing the strong and confident person I am today. However, those struggles haven’t brought me a career yet but that doesn’t mean I will stop striving forward to get to my goals. My goals are to increase my knowledge to build my life to be able to bring as much possible revolution and equality to my people and my country as possible. My goals are to bring and transfer knowledge and education to my people and help them out with all possible prospects of life.

My goals are to start my higher educations and to expand my knowledge in a rich environment where I could be able to learn in international standards and to meet new people with higher expects of life. Consequently, as I am taking bigger steps towards attaining my goals, I am at the start of my path…. my path to an education. “An Education that no one can take from me.”

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