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Introduction of TOPIC

There are many interesting jobs that involve different skills, passions, and drive. So commonly many imviduals seek a career that pays well, and is tolerable. It is becoming a rare thing to see people puring their dream at any cost necessary. Whats my passion? What do I desire to do with my life no matter how much money I get on my pay check, or how many hours are going to be spent working? I have a dream to one day become a youth pastor, and run my own youth group. I know it is something I want to do full time and I want to have a place where teens can get away from everything, and find who they want to be. To share the word of God while doing so. This career may not offer a multimillion dollar salary, with the perks of a luxurious job. But in my eyes it pays way more than money ever could.

Before making this realality there are many tasks that has to be done. First, going to school to become a youth pastor. There are many incredible school that offer great theology programs. For example North central university. You can get a degree in theology and youth pastoring which other Christian universities do not offer. The level of degree you study for increases your payroll as for other careers of course. After high school when you have your college set out, you do your four years follow by that you do need to do an internship at church.

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