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1st period Creon Essay Sample

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1st period Creon Essay Sample

King Creon is a cruel, heartless man, who didn’t care about anyone else but himself. In the story, Antigone and her sister Ismene planned to bury their brother Polynieces. However, King Creon ordered that Polynieces’ body must remain un- buried, so it would rot and animals would use it as food. He soon said if anyone disobeyed his orders, they would be sentenced to death. Creon found out that Antigone buried Polynieces, and abandoned Antigone in a secluded area so she could die alone. But, little did he know that was his fate all along. Creon deserves his fate, because he left Polynieces un- buried, he locked Antigone away, and his pride and arrogance was cruel to the people in his kingdom. First we have to figure out Creon’s fate. After his actions, Creon lost his most treasured possessions, and that was his wife and his son.

That was classified as his fate. Creon is the type of person that accuses everybody of wrong doing, but don’t understand that his flaws are even worse than theirs, and may even cause death. It took Antigone, Creon’s son, and Creon’s wife death, for Creon to realize how unreasonable he was, which was absurd! Creon’s arrogance and pride shows several different reasons on why he isn’t exactly a pleasant person to be around. When Antigone and Ismene talked about giving burial rights to their brother Polynieces, which Antigone did, Creon ordered Antigone to be arrested and sentenced to death. Creon’s arrogant pride made it seem like Antigone wasn’t a part of his family, which she is. [Lines 1005-1035] Creon killed his brother, who was the first in line to claim the throne, so technically he wasn’t even the real king of Thebes. Creon’s pride seals his fate. Haemon told Creon that the people of Thebes cared about Antigone, but Creon accuses Haemon of being a “woman’s slave” (line 756).

Even though Creon is a king, and suppose to listen to the opinions of the people of Thebes, he questions if “the town [is] to tell [him] how [he] ought to rule?”(Line 734). Creon made nothing but mistakes and accusations throughout this whole story. The deaths of his wife and his son soon made him realize that his pride and arrogance got the best of him. But, in the end all that doesn’t even matter. He killed his brother, Antigone, his wife, and his son, because of his actions. As I reiterate, Creon deserves his fate. He deserves to die lonely just like he forced Antigone to do. His cruelness does not deserve to be rewarded at all. He took 4 innocent lives away, which could have been avoided, That’s why King Creon deserves his fate.

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