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Once, long ago in time, Native Americans lived in our great land. They lived in villages with longhouses, wigwams and gardens. These villages had palisades made of wooden poles to protect their village against enemies. A village could have as many as 30 longhouses, with as many as 100 people living in each. Longhouse villages were built along shores of rivers and streams so people would have a fresh supply of water for drinking and bathing.

The Native Americans built villages to survive the elements and wild. The Algonquin Indians built roundhouses and the Iroquois Indians built longhouses. Specifically, they used wood and bark of an elm tree. The Algonquin Indians built roundhouses by driving poles into the ground and the poles are 2 feet apart and bent so they came together over the center and the ends were tied together with strips of bark and vines. A hole was left in the top of the round house to let smoke escape from the fire. Roundhouses are much smaller then Longhouses and only large enough for one family. Consequently, if the longhouses and roundhouses didn’t have holes left in the ceilings to allow smoke from cooking and heating fires to escape they would fill with too much smoke. Therefore, they had to tolerate the smoke when it rained, snowed or hailed.

The Native Americans protected their village. Clearly, the men defended and protected the women, children and the other people of the village. They made armor out of wood to fend of arrows. For instance, people fleeing from the Iroquois were tortured if they showed signs of weakness if they did not show signs of weaknesses the Iroquois respected them. if they were captives they may be tortured for days or maybe even weeks. In particular, they encircled their village with a palisade. A palisade is a wall of heavy poles with sharpened points at the top to prevent sneak attacks. Hence, giving them more protection against enemies. People today are alike the and different from the Native Americans specifically with their houses and farmland.

For example, the Native Americans farmed the land and we also farm land today. Yet, today we use gas, electricity and technology for the tractors to farm the land today. Indeed, they had pure and natural food made fresh from the earth and not processed in factories. On the other hand, we have yummy cookies and treats that are processed in our factories. It is easy to see, that the Native American’s had a simple life with protection, friends, family and especially love. However, life was hard, they worked hard for their food and the safety of their village. Overall, the Native Americans are very different from the Americans today.

Overall, the Native Americans lived among their people in villages that were protected by palisades. They had a good water supply from rivers and streams. They had corn and vegetables that the women harvested from the gardens. The villages were well protected and their longhouses were very secure. Their longhouses can be up to 150 feet and as low as 50 feet. In conclusion, the Native Americans are the ancestors of this great land.

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