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A New Look At Electronic Medical Record Free Essay Sample

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A New Look At Electronic Medical Record Free Essay Sample

The case indicated that the electronic medical record (EMR) system opens a new vision for medical field. Hospitals record patients’ treatment information by EMR, including: personal information, test results, doctor’s advices, surgical records, and nursing records. These records EMR stored play a significant role in medical operation, which not only save time, but also enhance the record quality. The case also described that the social benefits EMR brought and the downsides for using digitizing medical recordkeeping, such as privacy and security issues exists in the electronic recording system.

1. Identify and describe the problem in this case

After finishing the reading, the problem in this case is United States cut a record of highest cost of health care over the world because of inefficiencies for medical recording keeping. The traditional health records have to be concluded in a stack of papers and folders, which raise some difficulties in sharing medical records with different doctors. Unfortunately, this problem may continue to EMR systems, they are required to access and share information in various types of systems designed to report data nationwide to facilitate patients to receive treatment. In addition, there is likely to be some conflicts in interest with creating record systems for insurance companies. Although they have been searching methods to avoid health care payments claims, electronic systems are still not their interest to manage payments more efficient and steady. Furthermore, there are only 26% of U.S. residents are willing to improve their medical records from paper to electric, because the majority are concerned with privacy and security of electronic systems. This would affect the electronic systems’ quality promoted successfully.

2. What people, organization, and technology factors are responsible for the difficulties in building electronic medical record systems? The U.S government issued requirements that all medical institutions should induct electronic medical records by 2015. There is also a long-term goal for government to establish a comprehensive functional nationwide electronic medical system to solve the limitation problems of obtaining and sharing information. Also, doctors are supposed to have trainings with 20 hours for applying EMR systems successfully. Organizations include health technology companies are responsible for developing diverse health record structures, while insurances companies are helping doctors and hospitals pay the cost of installing EMR systems.

3. What is the business, political, and social impact of not digitizing medical records (for individual physicians, hospitals, insurers, patients, and the U.S. government)? The business, political, and social impact of not digitizing medical records is that causes more difficulties to access to patients’ treatment record, even saved dispersed and easier to lose. Then if the utilizing of EMR systems has not been popularized in medical organizations, the U.S government would be difficult to accomplish its long-term goals.

4. What are the business and social benefits of digitizing medical recordkeeping? Medical staff can remotely access patient medical records through a computer network, where in a few minutes or even a few seconds to be able to convey the required data. Also, doctors can easily store and retrieve by applying electronic medical records system so that quickly and accurately carry out a variety of scientific research and statistical analysis. Meanwhile, it probably reduces expenses of patients and hospital costs.

5. Are electronic medical record systems a good solution to the problem of rising health care costs in the United States? Electronic medical record systems are a good solution to the problem for developing health care costs in the United States. EMR created less paperwork and improved health care quality, all of which will basically lead to high-efficiency services for patients and doctors. In conclusion, electronic medical records system plays a key role to the application of the hospitals, which is related to patients’ privacy. Once the risks appear, irreparable damage will occur. Therefore, the security and stability of IT system construction should be considered in the process of completing. Moreover, implementation of electronic medical records within the hospital is essentially the entire patient-centered computer information technology, and electronic health record is the area of technology and information sharing throughout the healthcare industry. Thus, the development of electronic medical records will be a long process for government.

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