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Introduction of TOPIC

Last school holidays, the English Language Society in my school had organised an English Camp for all students. There were many activities organised by the society to attract the students to participate and to practise using English language through out the camp. As the secretary of the English Language Society, I has been asked to report on the activities during the English Camp.

There were several activities organised by the member of English Language Society. The first activity was the Talent show. The purpose of the activity was to identify people who could sing and dance. Apart from that, we also had a fashion show competition where people wore many kind of clothes including the one that represented the tribe in other races. It was so much fun.

The second activity held was the Language games. In this competition, the students played and worked together with their friends. The participants had to create words based on the alphabets given on the game board. This Language games improved the participants’ vocabulary and they had spent an enjoyable time together.

Then, the third activity was the Drama competition. This Drama competition was quite challenging to the participants. They had to form a group of several people. After that, they wrote the scripts of the drama by themselves. Then, they prepared the props and acted. That was a time where the activity really built the students’ confidence.

The last activity was the Treasure Hunt. This was another challenging activit

y for the participants. They had to look for the clues given and then solved the riddles. Apart from

that, they also need to study maps to look for the hidden treasure.

As a secretary of the English Language Society, I believed that the English Camp was a success and I would like to congratulate all the member of giving their support to organise this camp. I hope next year we could once again come out with more activity that can attract students to learn and participate in English Language activities.

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The River

1) He twists and he turns / He just cannot be still / As he dances along

2) The river is characterized as a winder. It keeps twisting and turning and just can’t seem to be able to keep still as if it does not rest or stops. Even though there are valleys or hills upfront, the river will continue flowing by adapting the surface of the Earth. It talks about the inability of the river to remain at rest like a child who is unable to keep still.


In the novel The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit, there are several incidents that show courage especially in the character of Roberta or known as Bobbie. It all happened when Bobbie decided to take the broken part of the Peter’s train toy to the railway station. She fell on the train and was helped by the two men on the train. They also helped Bobbie to mend the broken toy engine.

Apart from that, Bobbie and her siblings also have the courage to help a train from derailing off the railway lines because of the landslide. They used their petticoats as flags to wave as warn of danger. Lastly, Bobbie shows her courage by helping the Boy in the Red Shirt who fell in the middle of the railway tunnel. She decided to wait with the boy while her siblings went to get help. I really admire how courageous she is when she was in each situation.


Wearing Kybun footwear is beneficial to us because they are not just shoes but also health and training equipment. Apart from that, the shoes also soft and have high spring effect. They tend to increase the speed and jumping ability. The soles do not wear easily. When you wear it feel like barefooted and your heels are not grazed. They also train the leg muscles and relax people’s back.

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