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1. Currently, system administrators create Ken 7 users in each computer where users need access. In the Active Directory, where will system administrators create Ken 7 users? Open Active Directory Users and Computers. In the console tree, right-click the folder in which you want to add a user account. Point to New, and then click User. In First name, type the user’s first name. In Initials, type the user’s initials. In Last name, type the user’s last name. Modify Full name to add initials or reverse order of first and last names.

2. How will the procedures for making changes to the user accounts, such as password changes, be different in the Active Directory? In User logon name, type the user logon name, click the UPN suffix in the drop-down list, and then click Next. In Password and Confirm password, type the user’s password, and then select the appropriate password options.

3. What action should administrators take for the existing workgroup user accounts after converting to the Active Directory? Create new user accounts for all users. Then you need to manually join these computers to the AD domain.

4. How will the administrators resolve the differences between the user accounts defined on the different computers? In other words, if user accounts have different settings on different computers, how will the Active Directory address that issue? Administrators can manually change the permissions and privileges of users to meet their requirements.

5. How will the procedure for defining access controls change after converting to the Active Directory? Access control is administered at the object level by setting different levels of access, or permissions, to objects, such as Full Control, Write, Read, or No Access.

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