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I have always felt that is was my duty to always help people in need, and no one exemplifies this sense of responsibility better than nurses. Being accepted into the nursing program can help me achieve this dream. As a child the notions of duty and responsibility have been instilled to me by my mother, a military nurse in the Russian army. When I came to U.S. my passion for nursing only increased as I have spent all my time working in medical offices and assisting doctors with patient care. My past academic history and experiences working with doctors and patients have prepared me for the challenging and exciting path in the field of nursing. As a child I would always help my mother out in the hospital where she worked. She always showed great passion for her job, and after twenty years she still smiled every time she would see the patient. I want to bring that devotion and commitment to nursing.

I have volunteered in many hospitals in Russia, assisting doctors and nurses. My work included anything from helping file paperwork to assisting in moving patients, helping them with activities of daily living and sometimes help them go over what the doctor and the nurse told them about their upcoming procedures and medication. Every day felt like I was doing something that mattered not just to myself but to those I have helped. Unfortunately the small city that I grew up in did not offer nursing programs, and it was too expensive to move to another city. I have pursued a career in history and achieved a master’s degree was high grades. Despite all that I knew that if one day I can came to America, I will definitely pursue my dream of becoming a nurse.

When I arrived in New York four years ago, my first job was ENT physician Dr. Bhayani. I have learned a lot from him about caring for patients and was privileged to be taught by him. The more I learned the more I knew this is what I was meant to do with my life. The smiles I brought to patients and the happiness the brought me is one of my fondest memories. Right now I’m working in Sleep and Breathing Disorders center, where my work ranges anywhere from billing, to case management, and performing diagnostic tests for patients. This job gives me a great sampling of what a nursing job entails, and a myriad of responsibilities and skills a nurse needs to possess in order to help patients. I realize that a nursing program is tough, and requires great deal of time and devotion. I believe that I have all the necessary requirements to complete the program and become a great nurse.

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