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I. Having high self-esteem having both advantage and disadvantage. II. Having high self-esteem has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of being self-centered. A. In a positive way, it makes them mostly trust themselves and are not concerned with what others think which means they could deal with difficult decision more easily and it is a good way to develop their self-realization. B. In a negative way, they might become arrogant and not be able to accept the different ideas of others because they are only trust themselves and that makes they think that people who have different ideas are always inferior than them. III. Having high self-esteem has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of ambition. A. According from the survey, they found that people who have higher self-esteem are more internally driven which makes them ambitious and ready to achieve their goals and more than half of them are having more success in their jobs. B. However, it does not guarantee that all of them would become successful on their works. Having more ambition also means getting more high hopes and it is not easy for them to accept disappointment which could happen anytime.

IV. Having high self-esteem has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of social interaction. A. People high in self-esteem claim to be more likeable and attractive because they feel more confident to make friends and socialize with other people. Moreover, they could be able to make social situations run smoothly than those who have lower in self-esteem. B. In contrast, due to narcissism, those with high self-esteem might not relate with others well and might have relationship problems because whatever they do or say are come from just what they want and often they have not thought about others feelings and it could effects to their relationships. V. A. Having high self-esteem has both upsides and downsides. B. Advantages and Disadvantages of having High self-esteem are effected by many factors that can influence a person’s self –esteem like being self-centered, ambition and social interaction. C. To avoid getting in the dark side of having high self-esteem, you should keep just only its positive sides to apply in your own life and keep in mind the negative sides in order to aware yourself.

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