Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Essay Sample

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If you’re gone in a trip for instance, and you miss you friends, or family members, you can easily call them, you can tell them you’re life stories and so on ! -we have already talked about that part of use of a phone, but if you are in danger, or smtg. like that, your life is in danger, you can call 911, or the emergy’s id, and you can be saved by 1 call.

Nowadays mobile phones are like ultimate gadgets, the technology borowed from computers, and so on, for instance they are called smartphones, not mobile ones, because they have multitasking technology and all kind of softwares integrated in a friendly interface also alows to the user to ,surf on the internet, take pictures, watch movies, download stuffs, listen to music, and so on, by installing those aplication, you extend your phones use beyond it’s limits. nowadays teenagers know this really well, so i wont insist on this topic, though it’s great that little device can provide you so many things.

Ff course being so powerfull, filled with that high-tech stuff, the baterry will provide you the neccesarry energy only for 3-4 days, because of the big screen, and also the other factors that influences it.

The other disadvatage of the phone , is that the elder ones hardly can use it, the’re are to complicated for them, of course if you search a bit, you found phones speciale made for old ones, but the price is a little higher, the monthly payed subscription to the phone operator, this is the biggest disadvatage. you all know that they charge you per minute or per seconds, depends on your operator, but of course ther are so many ways to make this good in your favour. -of course if you brake your phone, and if its a new one, smarthphone,iphone and so on, the costs to repair it wont be low, first of all the high tech, multi touch sensitive screnn, witch of course is super slim, and it’s runnng in high-definition, that’s the first thing you are gonna breake at your phone if you dropp it.


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