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It is the trend these days for students , especially those in examination classes to attend tuition .Tuition classes are additional classes where students are offered revision , supplementary , additional , intensive , or preparatory lessons .Where do they go for tuition ? In private homes under private tutor or commercialised tuition centers under contract tutors.

The first advantage of home tutors , is that they are usually specialised or have craved a names for themselves in particular subjects . Their knowledge is first-rate and they convey the right information to their charges . Their outlook is professional . On the other hand,there are some homett tutors who are just interested in moonlighting for the additional income.They are not truly qualified to teach the subjects.

The second advantage is that some are passionate about their subject and provide quality teaching where students’s skills are honed and sharpened . Then again some can be totally uncommitted and unprofessional and they may compromise on the quality of teaching.

The third advantage is that home tutors try to keep the numbers small ,depending on the space they have in their homes which they have converted into classroom .Numbers usually do not go beyond a certain fugure.The small nmbers enables students to be given personal attention ,which is sorely lacking in schools where a class can be big as 50 . In addition , the tutor gets to know the students well and is hence able to guide his charges better.

However at times , the classes are overcrowed as students flock to study with the tutor who has “produced” straight A students.

Unfortunately , it has been rumoured that some tutors are selective as to whom they tutor .They do not accept everyone for reasons best known to themselves.

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