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1. Whose views make more sense to you? Hamilton or Jefferson’s? Why 2. Whose vision do you think has survived to the present day? Do we have a Hamiltonian balance of power or Jeffersonian one? 3. Give an example in the news or in your experience that supports your answer in question number 2.

1. Which both sides being flawed in his visions for the future of the nation in some way there wasn’t truly a winner or a loser both politicians views are being used in modern times today. Being that I grew up poor to the point of homelessness at one point in my life, I find that even if we were to be tossed into a world were its only functionality is – Water-ill, mule, horse, cattle- livestock and no electricity. I believe that I would have to go with Jefferson; looking past his pervious life-style Jefferson made it clear that the life that we should have should be for the people not the rich and powerful, The people should have the right to control the government due to the fact of with out the Low-class and Middle-class there wouldn’t be Cured meat, ale, grains, fresh milk, wine etc. without the Low-class and Middle supplying such means in the market etc. 2. Hamiltonian, Lieutenant- colonel, First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State and spent his time devoted to the rich and wealthy individuals of Virginia. Though I have little knowledge on today’s congress, senate, and military.

What I do remember is that what we have in common with Hamilton is,” Strong central government, order and organization, Industrial development, Helped establish a financial credit for the U.S. government. Hamilton had a firm belief that the rich, powerful and well educated should have the control on the government. Which in all honesty looking at today modern times, I can fully agree that the much upper class controlling the government, why? To be blunt money talks in future and I’m sure during 1780s and 90s it did as well, the rich and well educated people would rather spend his or her tax money on what they believe is right each upper class individual have a grasp on politics.

Hamilton’s strong belief is still going strong today and being applied through the Senate Congress today. 3. Due to out nation debt that Hamilton vision is being implement the means to substation fiancés and clear the massive debt over the time our public figure careless placed its people in is why each upper-class individual is disapproving their money being taken, however that is my opinion on that subject, I don’t really know what the upper-class truly think on the current situation today.

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