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Alliance Cosmetic Group (ACG) is a leading distributor of cosmetics and personal care products in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The mission of Alliance Cosmetic Group is to be the No.1 cosmetics company in ASEAN region which is providing women opportunity to look and feel good of themselves without regardless ethnicity group or skin tone. ACG International also target can be a major player in the ASEAN region 2013. In July 2006 Alliance Cosmetic Group launched fragrance line after Silkygirl color cosmetics have successful. Besides Silkygirl fragrances, ACG also introduced SG MEN fragrances. Its launch about 2 and half years, Silkygirl sales exceed the international cosmetics giant, such as L’Oreal and Maybelline. Silkygirl taking ownership being the No.1 mass color cosmetics brand in retail stores in Malaysia. Silkygirl in Singapore has made waves in the mass retail market being one of the top four brands in the color cosmetics category. In 2010, Silkygirl have introduced into Indonesia, so far it has more than 5,000 doors.

Market Segmentation
Market segmentation is the opposite of mass marketing which it’s a market strategy which involves divides a broad target market into smaller subsets of consumers who have common needs, demand and preference. It’s basics on the specific characteristics of the product; these subsets can be divided by the standard such as gender, age group, income, marital status or occupation.

Color palette of Silkygirl easily complement of human emotions and personalities which from bold, romantic, fun and exhilarating. It aims to help aspiring women unleashes confidence to look or feel and believe in themselves to brings out the best in oneself. So, Silkygirl is a color cosmetic especially for fun-loving teenagers and young working women in the age group between 18 to 25 through a fusion products and colors to help them define their own unique personality. It can easily get to know from local media such like TV, internet, newspapers or regional magazines.

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