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Animal Farm Analytical Essay Sample

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Animal Farm Analytical Essay Sample

‘Animal Farm’ is a book written by George Orwell in 1943 during the time of the World War Two. He mainly wrote this story to satirise Josef Stalin who was in control of Russia at the time. ‘Anima Farm’ is a fable this means a story with meaning. There are three major messages in the story. The messages that George Orwell writes about relate to the Russian revolution. The three messages are ‘Life is Cruel and Heartless’. ‘ People/Creatures are hypocritical’. The last message and probably the most important one is ‘those with honesty virtues and ideals always suffer in the end’. The first message is ‘Life is Cruel and Heartless’.

This message relates to the animal farm because the animals work extremely hard for Mr Jones and he couldn’t care less about what they feel. He wants them working all the time. Mr Jones orders them to do all this work and he doesn’t take into consideration the animals feelings and needs. In this Mr Jones is meant to represent the Czar (leader of Russia) and the animals represent the hardworking peasants of Russia. The pigs eventually gain control of the farm. The animals are promised to be looked after by the pigs. But the pigs had seen the cruelty and selfishness of Mr Jones towards the animals. The pigs soon adopted the same attitude.

The pigs especially Napoleon, became cruel and uncaring towards the rest of the animals. Napoleon was the new leader of the farm. He worked the animals just as hard as Mr Jones had worked them. Napoleon was particularly cruel to Boxer. Boxer was a shire horse and one of the strongest and most hardworking animal on the farm. He builds the windmill and helped rebuild when it was knockdown. But Napoleon cruel ways drove him to sell Boxer to humans so he can be slaughted despite is hard work. Mr Jones and Napoleon were both leaders of animal farm and they ensured lives of cruelty and enslavement for the animals.

Mr Jones was always cruel and unkind to the animals. But Napoleon was meant to be a better leader but was obviously not. Snowball wanted to be a leader he was cleaver and an idealist he was like a hero in the story. But napoleon didn’t like Snowballs ideas or his caring ways. So napoleon had his vicious and ruthless bodyguard dogs to hunt Snowball down and murder him. Napoleon is like Stalin here. Stalin put thousands of ordinary Russians to death who showed any opposition or gave him any problems. The Second message which is ‘People/creatures are hypocritical’. This means that one thing is said but a totally different thing is done.

The pigs promised things and they would enjoy their life if the pigs ruled. But it was complete opposite. Major Boar made seven rules of animalism and if they followed them they would have a good life. The three most important ones were ‘No Animal Shall Sleep In A Bed’ ‘No Animal Shall Drink Alcohol’ and the last one but most important is ‘All Animals Are Equal’. In this story you get to see that the pigs are hypocritical. The pigs are starting to break the rules of animalism by sleeping in beds, drinking alcohol. So Napoleon and Squealer decide to change the rules of animalism to suite them self’s.

They changed ‘No animals shall sleep in beds’ to ‘No animals shall sleep in beds with sheets’. They also changed ‘No animal shall drink alcohol’ to ‘No animal shall drink alcohol to excess’. But the most selfish and cruellest acts are changing this. ‘All Animals Are Equal’ to ‘All Animals Are Equal but some Are More Equal Than Others’. The pigs are trying to say here that they a far superior to any of the other animals. Napoleon shows he is like Stalin because they both use propaganda. Stalin had a propaganda machine (like Squealer for Napoleon) he made out to be a fair, humane leader.

The third and final message is ‘ Those with honesty virtue and ideals always suffer in the end’. This is possibly the most important message in the story. In the story both Major Boar and Snowball are idealist. Major Boar had an idea of a much better society for the animals and Snowball tried to put Major Boar visions to practice. Major Boar like is like Karl Marx who influenced the Russian revolution. Just as Major Boar influenced the more inelegant animals such as the pigs to think about how they were being treated on Manor farm. Major Boar dose not suffer in the way of others killing or hurting him he dies of natural causes.

He dies before he can see his ideas develop and see the animals have a happy life. Snowball is like Trotsky. He had ideas of educating the rest of the animals and spreading the word of animalism. Napoleon did not like Snowball so he had him thrown out of the farm and murdered. You must show yourself to be a problem to the leaders or you will be killed. Boxer was another one to suffer. He was completely loyal to Napoleon. He even made these statements ‘Napoleon is always right’ and ‘I will work harder’. Despite his loyalty and hard work he get soled to be slaughtered.

Constantly animals like Boxer were promised relaxation in the end, a nice pension comfort in old age and so on. Just like Stalin promised the peasants of Russia Luxury in old age. George Orwell is trying to say once the animals become old they are no use and they would be destroyed. Just like Stalin slaughtered the peasants once they were old or difficult to feed. Orwell’s message is basically people or animals in power are self cantered and without sentiment when they assume absolute power. Such powerful creatures will destroy all the good the virtues, the idealits once they have lived out there out their unselfishness.

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