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For my audience analysis I decided to conduct a survey and research statistics on the topic of recycling for people in my class. The survey I conducted included 13 class members. The results of this survey were as follows: 61.54% of my classmate are male, 46.15% of all my classmates do recycle once in a while, 75.00% of them believes that recycling preserves our resources and protects wildlife, 62.50% of them don’t recycle because they think that it is too hard to do it, 5 out of 13 of my classmates if they have the opportunity to recycle they mostly recycles bottles, 61.54% of my classmates believes that people need to be more educated in the subject of recycling, 100.00% of my classmates would make the effort to recycle if recycling container were more available, and finally 3 out of 8 students thinks that if they get a return for every item they recycle they would be more interesting in recycling. From these results I learned that my audience were mostly people who are willing to recycle if there was more in return, many of them realize the important of recycling, but not all do recycle. Also not everyone felt that people should be more aware in the importance of recycling, although most did.

I addressed the needs of my audience by showing them the major environment dangers of not recycling. By doing this I hope to make them see that little effort is necessary and that the landfills will be safer without all these unnecessary trash. In addition, I addressed the fact that with little effort from all of us by recycling we can reduce landfills, save energy, protect wildlife, helping our climates problem, and finally help our economy.

To gain more insight on my audience I did some research on people of relatively the same age group (college students). The article I used was from California State University and was titled, why bother: Recycling apathy among college students. In the article it talks about a senior student who did a project researching recycling at the campus. It then further goes on to talk about a survey he did about how the student thinks about recycling in school. The major quote that I took from this was,” Some ideas we came up with included campus reward programs for recyclers and ways to gamify recycling “. This alone really showed me that there is a lot of people among us who are willing to recycle if there were a return, as in my survey a lot of my classmates stated that if there were a return they would recycle. From this I learned that my audience is like any college students all around USA, recycling is easy but it needs to be more creative to get their attention.

I used this article to address the needs of my audience by first giving the quote mentioned above to make the recycle need very clear. My audience needs to know that to recycle means to save our nature. I also used this article to address the needs of my audience by informing them that there are others who are taking a serious look at the positive effects of recycling.


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