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Autobiography by Roy B. Biantan Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

My name is Roy B. Biantan. Growing up I was always called Roy. I was born on june 4, 1993 around 8pm at J.B.L Hospital San Fernando Pampanga. My father name is Roger Biantan from province of Negros occidental and my mother name is Dailinda Biantan from province of bohol, they’re both from visaya province, knew a little bit of their love story I don’t think so. I was brought up in cabalantian, bacolor, Pampanga. Im the second born baby in the family, right after I was born we went home and live in a small house, am even its small house my mama was so happy having me a very healthy and cute boy and my brother Ric ric waiting for me and when I arrived in our house my brother want to embrace me, but my mama told him not coz Im to fragile he just can kiss me on my hand. Im not a crying baby, coz my mm know how to takecare of us.

When Im just a one day old to almost one month Im sleep longer time, then my mama was so worried about me, sometimes he wake me up and days goes by until Im two months old in starting to wake up early at 03:00am just play on my little hands, and my mama talk to me as a big boy, as if I understand her, and mama laughed at me, coz am just staring at her. When am four months old I gained weight, am talk some words but not so clear at five months of my age Im trying to crawl and sit on my own, but sometimes I failed to do but I always try and try. At four months old Im trying to crawl at five months. I can sit on my own and trying to stand holding on my crib, until seven months, I can stand on my own and try a step but I always fall down, My mama told me “stand up baby don’t give up” and hold me up with my little finger, Trying to help me stand again ang mama said “there baby you can”.

Do it! And I answer it with a little smile and said MAMA for I can only talk few words at that age, Oh I forget at the age of three months I already ate solid foods, vegetables fruits. When I reach one year, I can walk and ran and blow candle on my little cake, can talk more words but not so clear, but my brother Ricric understand me and he will tranlate it to our mama until I reach three years old I cannot talk clearly I’m so BULOL (slurred) but my kuya serves as my translator, and more patience on me and t

eached me to talk and many thanks to my brother. At five years old I talk straight and clear, and my

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mama and papa can understand me, andagain I’m so thakful to my brother. Then when I’m three years and four months old. A big disaster came into our family and not only us, but the whole barangay cause of LAHAR.. Lahar strikes again from Mt. Pinatubo.

We are one of those victims of lahar 1995 with Typhoon Mameng on the road! Mama told me its so horrible and she cannot forget it in her whole life coz we almost died! But thanks GOD HES THERE AND GUIDE US WHERE TO GO. when I first enter elementary school I was very very naughty and I still remember that importunate yung transferred me to another room school kase of the engravings I say I’m very very very motility and I have so instead I became section A section B room I have. For me that the world I lived is like toy land just because I was very turned play I think all the things that I see is tangible or just do not like a toy nails too of touch in the world I lived there and I condemned be a young independent and cheerful and very very cute I was until now. hehe.

And when I was a grade three to almost nothing transforms I still remained cheerful and makulitin young children and of course still cute and little by little I experience such problems only when they are fighting mother and father for money often the drinking of alcohol to add father was so often had to also support their contention in mama’s so once I get into my school so I can not unconscious dropping my grades at that time I also often away from home because of the conflicts their father and mother so I was in grade four I misled me into intimate social groups often come home to me Late at home often also have a reprisal of my parents, but I just ignored them because I feel they have neglected children they was so in grade five I experienced to any bullying from other students.

I do not know why I was pissed when, because I have the feeling I’m feeling every time I do the things that there really are. Suddenly when I’m involved in a fight with my classmates we fighting without stopping. HAHA! Just joke. We stopped with burst instructor. I do not even know why did we fight for my classmates, but after the fight I realized that those in bullying we turned in one day was rewarded with one of our classmates. The past few days have no attention at first, but we also come to the point that we reconcile and yet often we wander past. In high school I first year student truant Sakin changed much because I do not get those I preferred. because I was before I entered the school I have a new shirt pants and shoes the case we do not have the money to buy so I preferred at that point I entered the work such as trade and peddling pandisal every morning.

I have super fun every time I’ll keep my counter to what was that all except the clothing I study because I can not raise money to buy so I just endured those old I was absent so often because I also entered my working and drawl because I really like the new uniform. So that first year I’ve fallen and I can come back again to finish my contract in the first year. HAHA! my studies in the first year I be in that fortunate turn. and of course no classes day vacation. HAHA! Just wandering wandering everywhere.

After the holidays the school entrance again! But of course I’m excited attended school there before because my clothes were. hehe! crazy but I did turn to my studies I learned to smoke and drink alcohol at the time not come yet to the point that I went home the right time in my house. and when I returned in the morning Mama knew I was not attending school so my mama was illegal and told me to stop studying so many years I stock at home and attended only over those who work very hard. I still remember that my father said traders just got me for life. the joker really my father.

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