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* Commercial is a condensed version of the 3 minute storyboard. Transitions, timing, audio, video formatting, and images will be discussed. * Sound is included for relaxing atmosphere.
* Baderman Island Resort features and benefits will be summed up in the 60 second commercial.

Commercial Introduction
* Commercial will be in Flash (.SWF) and Quicktime formats as to be played on a webpage or TV commercial. * Audio included and will replay throughout 60 minute commercial. It is sounds of the ocean. * Commercial will begin with image of Baderman Island Resort (pictured above) and will last 10 seconds. The wait time for the next image is in line with the slow ocean music as to create a relaxing feeling. Transitions will be gradual to correspond with slow, relaxing movement. * The commercial will not have a narrative but rather a text included with the following, “Need time to relax?” A brief pause of a 3 seconds will be given with a follow up of, “Come join us at Baderman Island Resort.” The entire slide will be 10 seconds. Island Features

* The pictures included help capture the scenery of Baderman Island Resort to further entice the visitor to want to see more of what the resort has to offer. * The text will slide across the screen which will say, “Where romance and family fun can be had…” * The images will slowly appear on the screen. The sequence will last 10 seconds.

* Images provided will be seen cycling through the screen. The words, “So many fun activities to choose from for an unforgettable experience!” will slowly dissolve on the screen with the images. Kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, fishing, tennis, and boating. * The sequence will last for ten seconds.

* The last image will be the one picture above with the seashell. Since most people picture seashells with the beach, it provides the lasting message of relaxation at a beach. The words will appear, “What are you waiting for? Paradise awaits you. You deserve it. Love it, dream it, enjoy it. Relax.” * “Call us at 1-800-RESORTS”.

* The sequence will last ten seconds. It will gradually fade out to black.

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