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Computerized election is defined as vote counting process using electronic devices such as computers.

It is a proven fact that during Philippine elections a lot of comments occur. The kind of election here in the Philippines is very different from the others. We were astonished to the US presidential election last year which Barack Obama won. It was an astonishing event that the world has ever seen. But, what made us astonished is that it took only few hours to proclaim the next president of the most powerful nation in the world. Polls were computerized, everything was so organized. Now it made us think that if computerized voting system is being forwarded for approval in the Philippines for the 2010 election. To us, it will be a nice move by the government to gain back the trust of the nation.

Every election in the Philippines was seemed to be dirty and bloody. And with that computerized voting scheme, the upcoming election won’t repeat what happened to the previous years. Votes back them were counted manually by underpaid public school teachers. And when evening comes, the next day, people would hear in news that a precinct staff was murdered and the ballot box stolen. This is actually so common here. And even before the election a candidate would be in the news, ambushed, murdered and forced to step down. That is how dirty politics here.

Now back to the computerized election, it is a very great idea to keep the election clean. We are now living in a high technology world and it is about time that the country makes use of high-tech equipment to significantly reduce the many problems that Philippine’s suffered during election.

In relation with this, it would be of great benefit to people and the candidates. The proponents chose the Barangay Washington to be the subject of the study by changing their manual elections into an online one.

As a solution to this, the proponents would like to propose for a Barangay Online Voting System that would serve as the basic tool to reduce the chaos that often ensues on Election Day.

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