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A high score of openness to experience suggests that a person likes to inquire intellect, is curious, and seeks independence. A low score suggests closed-mindedness, low curiosity, and unimaginative. For a conscientiousness person they are dependable, goal-directed, and have perseverance. They also have a superego strength, prudence, and constraint. Low scores show impulsiveness, carelessness, or irresponsibility. High scores for extraversion show assertiveness, sociability, boldness, or self-confidence. Low scores show introversion and shyness. High scores for agreeableness, show warmth and likability. Low scores indicate coldness, or negativity. High score in neuroticism shows anxiety and emotionality. Low scores show emotional stability or emotional control.

My highest score was in neuroticism showing that I tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, and I worry. This is true because I am constantly thinking about all my problems and how to fix them. I always feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to deadlines and future plans. An example of this is when I have a job interview the next day I cannot sleep the night before because I am constantly worrying about it. Another example is when I am in front of a police officer. Even though I am following the law I have anxiety that the police officer could stop me and give me a ticket. I worry about unnecessary things and think of all possibilities.

My lowest score was in conscientiousness showing that I am disorganized, undependable, and negligent. This is true because I always forget dates and times of events and end up missing them. An example of this is when I missed a workshop last week because it slipped my mind. Another example is my room because it is disorganized most of the time. I fin myself daydreaming at times and putting things off to the last minute.

I disagree that this is an accurate portrayal of the personality traits that I possess because there are times when my mood fluctuates and I have different low and high scores. I think that your personality is always changing and some days I feel more anxiety than another. Some days I am more pessimistic than others. If I were to take the test different days and times of the month I bet my scores would be different. My views, morals, and the way I was raised play a part in my personality as well and they are always changing. I think that the personality test presents a broad idea of a personality but there are so many other factors that come into play. However if you are looking for a broad analysis of a person then this is an effective test.

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