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What credible points will Engineer Lagayan raise in their executive meeting concerning the newly proposed organizational chart of their company?

As one of the key officers of the company, Engineer Lagayan was one of the persons directed to review the proposed new set-up of organizational chart. He is obliged to present some comments in accordance to the benefits they can acquire on the said chart. Now, he is contemplating what probable points he will present on their scheduled executive meeting.

Suggested Solutions

1. Engr. Lagayan should oversee and present the effectiveness and efficiency of the new set-up or organization chart. 2. Engr. Lagayan should assure to know that the organization chart has a good structure. 3. He should include to his key points the relationship of positions of the new organization chart. He should also consider what would be the performance of the persons be assigned to the new positions.

The best solution that would fit for this case is the first one. Engr. Lagayan should oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed organization chart. It is important to consider these things to know if the organization chart would contribute and would play as an advantage for the progress of the company. In addition, Engr. Lagayan should bear in mind that the main purpose of the organization chart is to meet its standard. It should be able to accomplish the objectives of the company in an efficient and effective manner.

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