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For long, the black Race has existed in America but being prejudged by the white race has caused loss of many black lives and created a feeling of insecurity in the black society. Focusing at Eric gunner’s case, he was a young black man who had a criminal history. This however did not imply that he was a criminal by the time he was aggressively arrested by a group of New York Department of Police O0fficers led by Daniel Pantaleo. It was because of the wrong judgment that Eric Gunner lost his life by being choked. He is known for having said “I can’t breathe “, but no one came to his rescue. The cop liable was taken to courts of law but he was not indicted. Looking at the Ferguson’s case, there is another an unarmed black teenager [Michael Brown] who was shot by police officer [Darren Wilson] on assertion that he tried to grab a gun from him after steeling goods from a store. The officers were fully armed against an unarmed black teen who ended up losing his life without any chance of trial in Courts of law and still the officer responsible was not indicted.

As a result of the ongoing black race killings, the blacks feel insecure with in the communities they live. They live in jeopardy knowing that anytime they can be killed by white cops even when they are unarmed or when there is no sufficient evidence to implicate them on any framed up cases. This type of insecurity is evidenced by R.L’ Heureux saying,” being black is like that: vall peak valley.” The killing of the blacks and the liable officers moving without being indicted has caused loss of trust in the judiciary and this has led to further riots by people who support the innocently killed hence creating more insecurity. It has also resulted into business losses evidenced by the robbery that went on in the store where Michael Brown is said to have stolen the goods and the boycotting of the black Friday and the cyber Monday. This was a big setback to the businesses. In conclusion, many black lives have been lost under unclear circumstances, an issue that makes the black race believe that the white cops are acting as the modern masters of slavery and the blacks as slaves.

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