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Introduction of TOPIC

Imagine you are directing “Blood Brothers” by Willy Russell from act two “Mrs Lyons enters and goes to Mickey…” to the end of the play.

“Blood Brothers” is a play which was published, in the late years of 1970 and in the early years of 1980. This play has been directed by Willy Russell and was set in Liverpool. Willy Russell has expressed his feelings and emotions very clearly and shows clear, deliberate contrast between the wealthy and the working class.

So far, in the play Mrs Johnston has given one of her twins, Edward, to Mrs Lyons because she already has a large family and cannot afford to keep both twins. When they grow up they soon become friends and later become Blood Brothers hence the name of the play. At this point they are still unaware that they are twin brothers.

Later, towards the end of the act, Mickey and Sammy had been caught committing an offence, murder. The police unaware that it was in fact Sammy, who killed, arrest Mickey instead and send him to prison for two years. Before going to prison he was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Linda. But during his time in prison Linda had become very close friends with Edward (Mickey’s twin brother) and began having an affair. Whilst Mickey was in jail he became addicted to drugs and started living an extremely unhealthy, dangerous lifestyle. Linda tried to tell Mickey that they were having a bad relationship but did not succeed. This led to dramatic consequences between Edward and Mickey hence the climax of the story.

In my essay, the main scene I will be focussing on, as being the director is the scene where Mrs Lyons enters and approaches Mickey pointing out the affair commencing between Edward and Linda. Within this scene I would want Mickey to be furious and raging with anger. I would want him to move around the stage spaciously and showing his anxiety and bargin

g around. His facial expressions would show aggressiveness towards the situation and also expressing

his temper. His clothing would be scruffy. My reason for this is because he has just come back from work and his clothes would also show a deliberate contrast from Edward as he is from the working class.

The lighting would be focussing on his face at a deep red shade to interact with his mood as red shows anger. The sound effects would be very dramatic and loud to go along with the feelings of Mickey and so the audience can relate with the atmosphere. When Mickey says his lines he should say them wrathfully. His facial expressions must show his aggressiveness to the situation between Edward and Linda. At this point in the play Mickey is utterly confused and has no idea what he’s looking for or what he is going to do, yet rushes off rapidly through groups of people searching for trouble.

My reasons for choosing these decisions is because I think it portrays the character of Mickey and fits in well and reflects on his state of mind. Mickey’s emotions are uncontrollable as he is extremely angry, sad and ashamed. “We see Mickey comb the town, breaking through groups of people, looking, searching, desperate, not even knowing what he’s looking for or what he is going to do. His mother is frantically trying to catch him but not succeeding.” This shows what the situation was like and the worry of what Mickey’s anger could lead to.

Meanwhile, Edward is reading his speech with other councillors, as he is a counsellor and is wearing a posh suit to go along with his wealthy lifestyle that is in direct contact to Mickey. Edward who is unaware of Mickey’s temptation to kill him and carries on with the speech until someone on the platform next to him distracts him realizes the reality of the situation and screams. Edwards’s feelings at this moment should be shocked and in utter disbelief with what is happening. Mickey appears with a gun and is unsteady and breathing awkwardly.

“Mickey! Don’t Shoot Eddie. He’s your brother. You had a twin brother.” This part of the scene is completely essential as the play turns in to a very prominent direction. Mrs Johnston should put across her terror and her eyes should be weeping. She should be able to capture the feelings of the audience. Mickey’s mother herself has told the unexpected news. The whole thing in this play has leaded up to this and Mickey’s reaction must show how traumatized he is and obviously emphasising the misunderstanding and disbelief.

“And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have come to know as class?” Willy Russell has ended this play in an excellent way. It clearly shows what the play has all been about and reminds the audience of the message that was given. The ending lines should be put across quietly with a low atmosphere telling every one of the superstition and tragedy. Both classes, working and wealthy, raises questions on whether it both lifestyles had an impact on Edward and Mickey.

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