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1. What should CEO Werner say to the Division Chiefs? Is the decision ethical? Why or why not? I think from looking at and seeing the three choices, I would tell the Division Chiefs that: “With what is going on a lot of companies are doing business with China right now. How do you be different and get around the problem?” I don’t think that this decision that was given is ethical because it is the senior officers of the company that are making the ethical decision that would greatly affect all of the subordinates in the company and the company itself, but having said this I believe that this would be the best decision. With more and more companies that are turning to China to do business it is mainly because of their low production costs. China has a huge population and it creates a mass market for selling things. I believe the CEO may have felt that if other companies are doing business in China, that he should be doing the same thing because there was no harm no fowl in it.

The main thing I see as a problem is that China could perhaps have some policies and regulations that are not the same as we have here in the United States. It is known by the CEO and senior officers that they are aware of the rules and regulations in China, and by knowing this they went ahead with the decision to set up shop and market in Hong Kong. China believes that in doing this that there are no ethical implications to doing this type of stuff.

2. How are you enjoying the new position in Hong Kong? Do you keep your job? Why or why not? I personally would have to be saying “It is great to be in Hong Kong, but having seen a problem with the payments I would personally like to research this further and see where there may be some problems down the road in this implication of this practice!.” I would be so totally excited for this position and location, but knowing what is going on I feel a little uneasy even though the CEO says that I should not to worry about it. I would keep the job because I cannot lose my job because higher levels of the company want to make certain decisions, but I do what it takes to cover me if anything is done to jeopardize myself in these dealings. I do so because as I stated it was not my choice in these matters but I can help try to remedy them and along the way not become bribed or a pawn in their game.

3. What are the implications of payments being made by the subordinate? This shows she has knowledge of what is going on but it is not for me to implicate her. Even in the dealings showing that it is wrong here in our country it is ok there. She may have been bribed to do the dealings and it will be her that is held accountable for it. I do think though that having seen what I found I need to continue with pushing for a better resolution to help all parties involved in this. I do know that having someone lower on the totem pole will allow them to cover themselves if it is brought up in charges.

4. Epilogue: From your perspective, how does the simulation impact ethical considerations for organizations? The ethical considerations for any company are highly valuable and by far the important aspect of any company or organization. The decisions that any CEO or manger would make will have a lasting and heavy impact on everyone that belongs to the organization. I do believe that any company or organization that wants to be known as a great company in the business world has to follow all regulations not only from where they operate but also within their own country, even if it has different rules and regulations. The implications of many companies not doing business correctly or not following rules from their home company have put huge marks on a business in a bad way. I do believe it is also important to show that to each employee the owners and managers have their backs in doing things correctly so it will not affect their future!

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