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Carabao Manure Brick

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The carabao is a prized symbol of a farmer’s wealth and is an integral component of the Philippine agriculture. Million of farmers rely on this animal as the main source of draft power for plowing farm and almost all farming operations. Carabao eats only grass and other vegetation. It produces 10.8 kg manure/day or 6,853 kg in 360 days.

Carabao manure is also of economic importance. It’s a good organic fertilizer, containing 18.5 % nitrogen, 43.7 % phosphoric acid, and 9.6 % potash. It’s also a good source of fuel either as dried dung, or in generating biogas or methane. When mixed with clay, the dung serves as building material or as plaster on the ground where palay is threshed.

SustainableBuild Co. tells that bricks are blocks of clay that have been hardened through being fired in a kiln or dried in the sun.
Carabao manure is the waste that has many benefits to human beings because it can be made as fertilizer to plants.

Objective of the Study

The study aims to develop a new brick through utilization of Carabao Manure. Specifically, it sought answers to the following specific objectives:
1. analyze, ivestigate and observe the level of performance of the developed bricks with the varying percent (25% and 50&%) of manure mixture with respect to the following aspects:
1.1 dimensional tolerance test;
1.2 efflorescence test;
1.3 water absorption test; and
1.4 compressive strength test
2. significant difference between the developed bricks in terms of their manure mixture content with respects to the abovementioned aspects.
3. determine the level of accaptability of manure bricks in terms of:
3.1 usefulness
3.2 functionality
3.3 user-friendliness
3.4 safety and maintenance

Theoretical Framework
This is study is based on the statement of NEMO, DVM in his that when carabao manure is mixed with clay, it serves as building material or as plaster on the ground where palay is threshed.
The researcher come up with an idea to use carabao manure since it can be mixed as said above that it can be mixed with clay. But in this study, the researcher will not use clay but instead use carabao manure as clay in makig bricks. To fulfill this, the researchers will use lime sand and pozzolana as stabilizer for the product.

Conceptual Framework
Based on the presented study, the researchers formulated a conceptual framework that will lead to the better understanding of the effectiveness of carabao manure bricks with lime sand and pozzolana as stabilizer.

The input of the study includes the materials or the measuring tools and the machine that will be used in the determination of the objectives. Also they will use a recording sheet and computation sheet that is needed in tha analysis and study of data.

The process indicated in the study was divided intto four phases.
The first phase is plaaning phase. It includes the identification of the problem, gathering of data and the allocation of the project.
Second phase is the designing phase which includes the designing of the bricks Shape according to use.
Included in the third phase, which is the construction or making of the bricks and monitoring its condition.
The last phase is the analysis phase, which emphasizes on the analysis and interpretation of the data gathered.
The desired output will be accomplishment of the objectives of the study. Feedback pertains to the evaluation of the acceptability of the “Effectiveness of Carabao Manure Bricks with Lime Sand and Pozzolana in Bricks Making”.

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