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Introduction of TOPIC

I.Make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning Centers will have to grapple with. 1) Carter Cleaning Centers will have to grapple with communication issues between the various centers and will need to establish some type of communication standard by which all the centers receive the same information, and are delivering identical information to all of its customers at all its different locations (info such as pricing, services, etc.). This could be accomplish through regular meetings, memos, or even an intranet for the company. 2). Carter Cleaning Centers will have to grapple with work standards throughout its various locations, to insure all its staff is treated fairly, and that no one is working more at one store or being paid less while in the same position. And also the centers will have to address training standards for the different levels of labor at each center. 3). Carter Cleaning Centers will have to grapple with fair hiring practices to a

void being accused of discrimination. It cannot risk hiring only

one group of people, such as all males and refuse females employment as this will definitely end up in someone’s courtroom. 4). Carter Cleaning Centers will have to grapple with following the legally established pay minimum for every one of its employees. If the centers are open 24/7, then the workers will have to be placed on a work rotation and compensated fairly. There are also breaks and lunch times to establish for every full time worker. 5). Carter Cleaning Centers will have to grapple with workplace safety standards set by the government to insure no one, including the customers are harmed in any way by the operating equipment, wet floors, etc. at each of the centers, especially when injury is caused due to neglect or misuse of machinery, building upkeep or for any violation of the OSHA’s safety standards.

II.What would you do first is you were Jennifer?
If I were Jennifer, I would first begin with establishing the communication standard by calling a meeting at a central location to introduce myself and to meet the crew. I would also take advantage of this time to listen to how the crew operates now, and to what types of issues they may be experiencing out in the field. I would also ask the employees for what types of complaints they may have overheard from the customers, and take suggestions on how things might be improved for the customers and the staff as well.


Dessler, Gary. Human Resource Management, 13/e for Herzing University. Pearson Learning Solutions, 10/2012. .

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