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Established back in 2008, the Baby Hatch or more likely to be known as Orphan Care, was probably the biggest step the Malaysian society have taken to prevent any further of child abandonment by providing them with love, security and care of a family. However, even though baby hatch aims are to discourage innocent baby’s abandonment, there are different challenges faced by this organization. This is only natural as every good thing has its flaws, and not everything is perfect in this world.

It is understandable that the baby hatch causes are noble, but it also gives out a different message if one does not fully understand its full purpose. This encourages the society to actually do premarital sex, especially for the younger generation whom are experiencing love or likewise who are in a relationship, trying something new to them and etc. It may have even contributed to this increasing number of young girls getting pregnant out of marriage, as this shows that having a baby is easy and if they do not want to keep the baby they can just give it out to the Baby Hatch. They will not even consider the consequences and responsibility of having a child since there is an exit of their problem, which is the Baby Hatch Association. Logically, this will greatly effect and change the society into thinking that premarital sex are a norm to everyone else, and if they get pregnant Baby Hatch are there to help.

The Baby Hatch is primarily a step into the future of modernization where as religious requirement is no longer the factor of obsolete, this shows that religions such as Islam or Christianity no longer guide our society to a proper way of getting an infant. That is, marriage first then only a couple are allowed to have a baby together. By doing so, it transform the very aspect in life, regardless whether by law or religion. Adding on, it is also against the law to even abandon a child below the age of 12, this was written in law of Section 317 of the Penal Code, the parent or the guardian are more likely to be imprisoned for 7 years. Thus, this is actually changing the law of the country as such, mothers of the baby who not only get pregnant out of wedlock but are not being punish for the crimes she have committed.

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