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Change Control Management Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What is Change Control Management, and what function does it perform? A major element of the risk control process is change management. Every detail of a project plan will not materialize as expected. The way the change control management works is when change happens whether it be scope, implantation of contingency plans, Improvement. The way the project team and management cope with the change in order to make sure the project is finished on time. What is a risk profile, and what benefits does it provide to risk management? A risk profile is a list of questions that address traditional areas of uncertainty on a project. The questions have been developed and refined from previous, similar project. So those projects will have some of the same risk involved in your project. What is functional conflict, and why should it be encouraged? A functional conflict is a disagreement that contributes to the objectives of the project. It is encouraged because there is conflict in everyday life and how the team response to the function conflict is what is important. Out of the conflict come some great ideas and products.

Identify and briefly discuss the four major steps in facilitating the group decision-making process. 1. Problem identification should always be stated as a choice. The project manager should get the team members two choices about how to solve a problem and have the team agree upon the solution. 2. Generating alternatives are wear people on the team have agreed on what the problem is and now have to discuss how to solve the problem. This is like the brainstorming stage when writing a paper. The different solution gets discussed and the team decides on what solution to use. 3. Reaching a decision is the next step once all the different alternative solution has is discussed to solve the problem. This is where the project manager can again step in and remind the team of what the major priorities are of the project. 4. Follow up is the last one

once the decision is reach that alternative solution is implemented in to the problem. Before going

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on to another task in the project the project manager should make sure that solution fix the problem.

What is the difference between mitigating a risk and contingency planning? Plan contingency plans are a plan that covers possible identified project risks that may materialize over the life of the project. The mitigating a risk is how one responds to the risk event. The project manager what to two things reduce the likelihood that an event will occur or reduce the impact that the adverse event would have on the project. Assume that you have the following decision-making options: (1) make the decision on your own with available information, (2) consult others before making a decision, and (3) call a meeting and reach a consensus, seeking to arrive at a final decision everyone can agree on. Which approach would you use to make each of the following decisions and why? 1. You are a golf course designer hired by Trysting Tree Golf Club to renovate their golf course. You have worked closely with the board of directors of the club to develop a new layout that is both challenging and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone is excited about the changes. The project is nearly 75 percent complete when you encounter problems on the 13th hole.

The 13th hole at Trysting Tree is a 125-yard par-three in which golfers have to hit their tee shots over a lake to a modulated green. During the construction of the new tee box, workers discovered that an underground spring runs beneath the box to the lake. You inspected the site and agreed with the construction supervisor that this could create serious problems, especially during the rainy winter months. After surveying the area, you believe the only viable option would be to extend the hole to 170 yards and create elevated tees on the adjacent hillside. 2. You are the project leader for Casino Night on campus, a charitable event organized by your group to raise money for the homeless. The event was a big success, garnering a net profit of $3,500. Before the event, your team researched nearby organizations that support the homeless and to whom the money could be given. You narrowed the choices to the “Chunk of Coal House” and “St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen.” Eventually your group decided that the funds be given to Chunk of Coal.

You are about to write a check to its director when you read in the local newspaper that the Chunk of Coal House has terminated operations. What should you do with the money? 3. You are the leader of a new product development project. Your team has worked hard on developing a third-generation product that incorporates new technology and meets customer demands. The project is roughly 50 percent complete. You have just received a report from the marketing department detailing a similar product that is about to be released by a competitor. The product appears to utilize radical new design principles that expand the functionality of the product. This poses a serious threat to the success of your project. Top management is considering canceling your project and starting over again. They want you to make a recommendation.

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