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1.Define dehydrating of explosives mixtures.
Dehydration of explosives is the process of removing water from the explosive compound to reduce the amount of dilution that water would add to the mixture. It can be done by de-waterers, hydraulic press and alcohol as well as other means.

2.What constitutes the incorporating process of explosives manufacture? The incorporating process is the milling or mixing of materials during manufacture with mortars, wheels or machines.

3.Describe pressing.
Pressing is a multi-step process used to compress smokeless powder materials into a final product of a dense, tough, elastic mass.

4.Discuss how ANFO is prepared.
When made a non-commercial scale ANFO is prepared by combining Ammonium Nitrate and diesel fuel. Often times the ammonium nitrate that is found currently has been diluted with additives or covered in wax. When this is the case the AN is purified by dissolving the wax or crushing the prills and separating the additives after. 94.5% AN, 5.5% Diesel fuel.

5.Explain how DOT regulations impact the administrative role of a first responder. First responders must be familiar with local, state, and federal laws, physically fit and must know placarding codes for, as well as what explosives can be transported together in order to be in compliance with 49 CFR Parts 390-397.

6.What are the penalties for improperly transporting dynamite during a routine response call? Non‐compliance is subject to fines (up to $37,500 per violation) and in egregious cases, imprisonment. Non-compliance also poses a public health and safety risk to surrounding travelers and infastructors.

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