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Write an account which includes examples of different kinds of influences that may affect children and young people’s development.

Child development is influenced by a wide range of factors such as their background, their health and the environment in which they are growing up.

Children can come from a range of different family environments, cultures and circumstances. Many families will also go through major changes especially whilst a child is in school which the school may not be aware of. These can include bereavement, illness, family break-up etc. Events such as these will affect a child’s emotional and intellectual development and a change in their behaviour and ability to learn may be noticed.

Poverty/deprivation can can have a significant effect on pupil development. Children who come from deprived backgrounds are less likely to thrive and achieve well in school, as parents will find it more difficult to manage their needs, which in turn can impact on all areas of development.

No work ethic within a family can mean expectations of a child are lower. Unemployment can also mean no money and less opportunities which will affect the social and emotional development of a child.

A child who has poor health or a physical disability can restrict their developmental opportunities. For example a child who has a medical condition may be less able to participate in some activities. This will initially affect their physical development but may also restrict their social development as they will be restricted from taking part in the playground for example. Their emotional development can also be affected depending on their awareness of their needs and the extent to which they are affected.

E numbers in foods can affect concentration levels of a child and their behaviour e.g. They can become over-excited and aggressive etc. If a child eats too much food it will affect their physical development and lead to obesity. It will affect their emotional and social development as they may be bullied and become isolated as a result. However a child who is not fed enough and is undernourished may also feel neglected as they are not being fed properly and this in turn can affect both their physical and emotional/behavioural development.

Some children may come to school without any previous education, e.g. They may be from another country where formal education starts at a later age. They will require additional support until they become settled.

Parental health and lifestyle
Children who live with a parent who suffers from depression may suffer from a lack of good parenting and older children may find themselves in the role of career for the younger children within the family. This will affect their emotional development as in effect they may be having to ‘grow old before their time’ by taking on additional responsibilities which may worry and concern them. Parents who have a substance misuse problem may often be absent and not available to the child. The child may then suffer from physical neglect I.e they are not kept warm or fed properly which will affect physical development. They can also be neglected emotionally as parents do not display affection or nurture. A parent may also behave unpredictably which can be confusing and damaging to a child’s emotional and social development.

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