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Color Essays


How Does The Color Black Affect Plant Growth

In nature, everything can serve a purpose: the structure, the look, the texture, etc. Color can be use to aid living things. Animals use it to camouflage or warn others from attacking them; plants use it to absorb light. Different

Hair Fiber

What are the pro’s and con’s of hair fiber evidence vs. other types of physical evidence?? Hair and fiber evidence can be serious to an investigation. In most cases, these alone cannot offer a helpful identification of a suspect, but

When I Wear Lipstick vs. Lip-Gloss

I fell in love with coloring my lips with make-up at the age of 5, the way my full lips pop with a pretty color made me wanted to kiss my own lips. I have tried all lip make-up, Chap

Colors, Family of Colors and Optical Illusions

Colors are explained as a kind of an electromagnetic phenomenon. These colors are created through the light reflection that tends to be flashed on a certain thing that our eyes see. According to the scientist named Young, inside our eyes

Methodology (Potato as a Battery)

Materials: * Pennies * 2 large galvanized nails * 6 long wire ( 3 pieces) * small digital clock * multi meter Procedure 1. Cut the potato in half and place them next to each other, flat face down on

Ruby Red Humming-Birds

Option C: Do ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer some colors more than others when visiting flowers? Option C: Do ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer some colors more than others when visiting flowers? Introduction Ruby throated hummingbirds are native to the North Eastern United States.

Natural Selection Lab

* To understand natural selection and its effect on population. * Increase, decrease, survival and adaption Hypothesis: If I have a pink/yellow environment then the pink/yellow organisms will tend to survive. Ind. Variable: color of dots Dep. Variable: how many

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a fire text effect, engulfing our letters in burning hot flames. We’ll be using Photoshop’s powerful Liquify filter for most of the work on the flames themselves,

Red vs Blue

What is so special about red and blue? Why do people obsess about red and blue? Red is constantly pit against blue for example “Star Wars” the good guys have blue light sabers and the bad guys have red light

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