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Marvels Agents of Shield. An episode called “Ragtag” Agent John Garrett (the clairvoyant) visits a young troubled boy named Grant Ward in a juvenile detention facility for burning down his home with his brother inside. Garrett offers the young Ward a way out of his situation and into a secret organization that is looking people just like him, so Ward accepts. After Garrett breaks Ward out of the juvenile detention he then abandons Ward in some woods with a bag of clothes. He also gives him a hunting dog named Buddy for companionship. Garret returns to Ward after the many months in the wilderness surviving with Buddy and tells him that they are leaving, but, in order for Ward to leave with Garret he must kill Buddy.

Garret’s intent is to mold Ward in his own image. He also uses the mantra “emotional attachment is a weakness” several times. Ward is very hesitant to carry out the order because he is in a quandary due to his emotional attachment to Buddy or learning from his mentor. Does he save his companion and stay? or does he accept Garret’s proposal and leave with him. Words are very powerful to someone that is vulnerable or at crossroads in their life. The actions will define the person.

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