Company Essays


Ocean Exim India Pvt. Ltd.

Executive Summary The research identifies the non financial motivators of Ocean Exim India Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading export houses in Jaipur. These non financial motivators helped the company to increase its labor productivity and decrease its labor turnover

Marketing Case study - Kim Do Yi Ltd. (KDY)

Kim Do Yi Ltd. (KDY) established in 1995 by president and master instructor Rickie Chan Ka Ching is a martial arts firm based in Hong Kong. The organization specializes in the Korean martial arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido. It is

Business Plan - Memoirs LLC

Company Description The business concept of ‘Memoirs’ is to offer an event planning service accessible to the public. The focus of the company is to target the upper and middle class population and offer to create their events for them.

Management Process

Planning is very important in the offices, to work effectively and in under less cost and time, one can get over this by CVD (Cost-Volume-Distance) it is approach in order to find out the total cost of moving the information

Performance Management

Techsense (Pvt) Ltd was established in August, 2007. It is an I.T solution and services company that, in addition to being preferred partner of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft develops customized business automation softwares. Techsense has its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan.

Binh Minh Plastics Joint Stock Company

In 1997, Binh Minh Plastics Joint Stock Company (BMP) was formed. After 10 years of its operation, BMP is in a position as the leader in the sales and distribution of plastic products in Vietnam. The purpose of the company

Rolling Case Study of Kellogg's

It all began in Battle Creek Sanatorium, Michigan USA, in the 1870’s. Originally set up by the Will Keith Kellogg and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg brothers, the company was founded on a belief that “you are what you eat”. It

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