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Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Don Anselmo and Mrs.Higgins are similar because they both stand up for what they want. They have in common that they are both being strong in the beginning. Don Anselmo and Mrs. Higgins are different because Don Anselmo stays strong throughout the entire story but at the end Mrs.Higgins does not. I would not say they are more different than similar because they both want something better for the kids in their life. Mrs.Higgins doesn’t want her son to go to jail, and Don Anselmo doesn’t want the new owners to have the trees that were planted for the children.in “all the years of her life “Alfred grows up “he watched his mother wi

thout making a sound. The picture of his mother made him want to cry. He felt his youth coming to an

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end. He saw all the troubles he brought his mother in her shaking hand and deep lines of worry in her grey face.it seemed to him that this was the first time he had ever seen his mother.”

Don Anselmo of Rio En Medio does not believe the trees belong to him. his belief system is different “Every time a child has been born in rio en medio since I took possession of that house from my mother I have planted a tree for that child .the trees in that orchard are not mine, senor, they belong to the children of the village. Every person in Rio En Medio born since the rail road came to Santa Fe owns a tree in that orchard. I did not sell the trees because I could not. They are not mine.” Within those two passages it is very clear who stays calm and collected and who does not. Mrs.Higgins is calm when she is talking to Mr.Carr, but is not really strong. Alfred is sad that he has caused his mom lots of pain. Don Anselmo is calm too, when he seals his property, he doesn’t change his beliefs about the trees for the kids.

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