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Recently, people pay more attention to study about humanity. Researchers know that people’s features and behaviors from two types, which are nature and nurture. Some features are inherent from their parents, and something is nurture from society. Therefore, researchers from intelligence, personality, and weight show different impacts from nature and nurture.

First, different people have different intelligence. Intelligence is influenced by genes and environments. From nature side, people get high scores that is highly heritable (chapter 3, p89). A person whether is smart or not is inherent from their parents. However, it also has an important factor that is from nurture side. Environment can affect people’s intelligence. For example, if pregnant women live in unhealthy environment, such as undernourishment, drugs, smokes, drinks, unhappy or without family, those led children to have disabilities and lower IQ (chapter 3, p92). As a result, people cannot change inborn intelligence, but it can avoid negative influences from nurture.

Second, people’s personalities are both influenced by nature and nurture. When people research that nature relate to personality, psychologists believe that temperaments with genetically are brought from a born baby (chapter 13, p459). In addition, twins have similar physical features (chapter 13, p460). Therefore, some parts of personalities are from their parents. On the other hand, the primarily of personality are influenced by inculcation of their parents. Judith Harris has “the nurture assumption” that can prove it, children understand to share with their siblings and parents, parents only have a single child in a family, and the treat way of parents can affect their children’s personality (chapter 13, p462). Therefore, the environment for a child is very important. Nature and nurture have different ways to influent children.

Finally, people’s weight is related with nature and nurture factors. From the nature factors, genetically determine the burns calories for energy, and if people are not trying to gain or lose weight, weight is stay (chapter 12, p419). Also, genes also related to obesity of people. By contrast, people’s weight involves to culture and environments. The habits of eating food can decide the weight of people (chapter12, p422). In addition, most of white families are overweight because it is about their eating culture. Therefore, people’s weights are impacted from nature and nurture factors.

In conclusion, both nature and nurture influence people who have different intelligence, personality, and weight, but they through different way to impact people. People cannot change features from nature, but they can through nurture factors to avoid insufficient aspects, keep their advantages, and become better and better.

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