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Computer Aided Exam Essay Sample

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Computer Aided Exam Essay Sample

Today we are in a world where technology is constantly evolving. We see this daily with the use of computers which are a tool that has served to facilitate communication and the way how people work. At a school this kind of technology is very useful because they can teach their students differently as it is in other countries. Moreover, several programs have done that this education should be complemented. Computer Aided Exam, diverse and rapidly expanding spectrum of computer technologies that assist the teaching and learning process. Computer Aided Exam is also known as computer-assisted exam. Examples of Computer Aided Exam applications include guided drill and practice exercises, computer visualization of complex objects, and computer-facilitated communication between students and teachers.

One of the primary concerns of test takers is to get the results from testing as soon as possible, and to disseminate that information to the relevant institutions. Computer-assisted testing technology greatly increases the efficiency and speed of scoring exams, thereby decreasing the turnaround time required for the test taker to receive scores. The test taker can access test scores electronically and online with secure personal identification number codes. Computer testing is consistent with the many commercial standardized test review programs. The review software can be programmed to elevate the student to higher levels, or to hold the test taker for a longer time at middle or lower levels. For those who possess adequate keyboarding skills, computer testing provides a great advantage in the writing portions of standardized tests. Text-editing software is designed to accelerate the editing process.

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