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Conflict between generations is inevitable. People of different age groups view matters of all topics with different opinions. Youths see matters from their exposure to the world, which at the time may be limited. Adults, however, have seen the world through many “harsh winters” and have become wiser. Therefore, the opinions of generations will often vary.

I have had disagreements with my parents. The quarrels may be as small as buying a new outfit or as big as what I m able to handle with the time I have. Though some of the conflicts lead to hurtful words and bitter tears, these disagreements have taught me things; things that contribute to productive change, changes such as having a broader view, as well as thinking ahead. Sometimes these conflicts will appear negative, but there is something to be learned from them.

In the novel “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin, Lady Catherine and Elizabeth Bennet do not get along. Lady Catherine is the aunt of Darcy, who is betrothed to his cousin, Miss de Bourgh, Lady Catherine’s daughter. When Darcy begins to show a great interest in Elizabeth, Lady Catherine pays a visit to Elizabeth. The betrothal of Miss de Bourgh and Darcy’s would fail if Elizabeth were to say ‘yes’ to a proposal from Darcy. On top of that, Darcy had a higher status than Elizabeth and it would be indecent.

Therefore on Lady Catherine’s visit, she demands that Elizabeth would always say ‘no’ to a proposal from Darcy. When Elizabeth refuses, they start to argue. Lady Catherine cannot understand why Elizabeth is so headstrong, while Elizabeth can’t understand why the subject of whom Darcy’s marriage is up to his aunt and not himself. Though the fight proved that Elizabeth might have feelings for Darcy, it also showed Darcy that he had another chance of proposing to Elizabeth.

During the American Revolution, the Colonies were mostly split between Loyalists and Patriots. The Loyalists sided with Britain not only because it used to be their home, but because it was a strong nation, had culture, had a good, solid government, and would be able to protect British homelands while fighting other causes, such as rebellions. The Patriots believed, however, that Britain, though older, was not at all wise. The British were taxing the colonials without fair representation. The fight that followed proved that though a country may be younger, the elder country isn’t always wiser.

The conflicts depicted in books, viewed in the past, and felt in reality may seem harsher than it needs to be. But what I have learned from a quarrel is that you must look from many perspectives and just because a quarrel may seem severe and bitter, doesn’t mean it doesn’t also have a positive aspect. Just as mistakes are inevitable, so are disputes between generations. But what you learn from them are life’s lessons.

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