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Introduction of TOPIC

Contemporary Hero

One of the greatest boxers of all-time is known by the name of Manny Pacquiao. Although he is perceived as just one of the world’s best boxers, he is more than meets the eye. Throughout Pacquiao’s career he has served as a great ambassador for not only the people of the Philippines but also their government. He has given back to his nation through his success in his boxing career by donating to charities and national projects of the government. Pacquiao has become a tremendous public figure to his nation and the world and has done so with determination, competitive greatness, and service.

It isn’t an easy road if you want to be the best but Manny Pacquiao has shown great determination from his teens and into his current career. As a teen he was shipped off to begin training as a boxer and reach his goal as being one of the greatest in the world. He left his family and had to deal with living and training without his parents to be right there behind him. For Pacquiao to become the best he had to make sacrifices that weren’t easy but his determination to reach his goal got him through the rough times. His mental strength through his early life proves that he was truly determined to b

ecome the best boxer in the world. Although this was tough for Pacquiao, he wouldn’t stop until he

reached his goal and his dedication and determination speaks volumes for the type of person he is.

Having all the hard work, training, and skill under your belt is only half way to reaching the final goal of a “championship belt.” Manny Pacquiao had dedicated himself to becoming the best through all his training and determination but his real test is being able to win fights and end of competing for a world title. Coming out of a part of the world where boxing wasn’t extremely popular, people weren’t sure how this Pilipino would fair against the rest of the world’s competition. Although there were these questions about his ability, that didn’t stop Pacquiao from proving why he can be the best and can hang with the rest of the world’s best boxers. He more than proved that in his career by winning eight different world titles in eight different weight classes. Pacquiao showed his competitive greatness by crushing his opponents fight after fight and that’s why he is considered by so many as one of the best if all-time.

So many athletes become so overwhelmed by fame that they lose their humility and become jerks and people with bad moral character. One virtue that sticks out about Pacquiao is all that he gives back to his home in the Philippines. He both financially and emotionally supports his community. He helps the youth who want to pursue their dreams in sports and also helps his government in foreign dealings by serving in high offices. Pacquiao is the ultimate definition of community service to his nation and his ability to give so much back while still boxing and working for the government truly attests to the real hero he his.

Becoming a real hero is more than just winning the titles and being on all over TV and magazines; it is all the work you put in behind the scenes and always remembering where you came from. Manny Pacquiao has trained to be the best, won the titles, but most importantly has served his community with the same amount of passion he boxes with and that is what a real hero is.

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