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he development inside the technological and communications progression has matured from a lot of developments within central science and its growth is ongoing. Both positive and negative effects have occurred from the technology working in our criminal justice system. In this paper we will cover the different options for new technology that helps stop crime.

Automated Fingerprint Identification System
In the 1980’s there were a lot of unsolved criminal case due to lack of technology in older data bases and the odds of trying to find finger print matches. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System was created and used first in 1984 to solve a big case in the murder of Miriam Slamovich that was unsolved from the 1970’s. This led to other unsolved cases being completed successfully in a lot of different cities after the AFIS was created. This system alone has improved the speed and exactness of the very popular 10 point process of prints. A fingerprint sent by graphic conduction from a crime scene to another place within a state can be processed instantly. This then allows officials to issue all point bulletins with in ample time of a crime being committed. This kind of technology opens up communication with the population to catch a criminal fast and proficiently.

Facial Recognition
There is a massive disagreement in the present day concerning the biometric identification technology which is used to boost the security through travel. The research inside these technologies has been used to extend ways in how the individuals identify faces for detection and develop the similar strategy in a replicated mechanical system that will scan faces and conclude their likeness with those in a database. It is very important that the video surveillance transportation is in position and capable to offer imagery for facial features to be analyzed if we want this system to be greatly affective for the criminal justice system. Facial identification has to be used for the efficiency and for the value at points of admission which can be the biggest help when having to deal with terrorists in this country. Our airports are the largest point of entry along with travel in general. This is a main reason why all the technology and systems are put into the airports to keep high security.

New technology is growing every minutes of every day. There is always someone working on a better way or a faster way. Facial recognition is essential as persons cannot accurately contain the same facial features this technology will assist identify. This leads to capturing of the criminals and lessens the chances of convicting the wrong person in someone else’s criminal act.

Positive and Negative Effects to Technology
There are a lot of non-technical reasons to cautiously look at how these older and more recent technologies are used inside our criminal justice system. Most of the newest technical and science based technology include some of the similar effects which may possibly down rank our own human rights and defense levels. * Our government could gain the capability to be in absolute control of every one individual instead of as the public and our civilians as a whole. * It may possibly let consent for surveillance or a lot of other types of investigations to be completed at a distance or just out of view from our community which in turn will raise surveillance levels and reduce the hope of our own personal privacy within our community. * A lot of the most recent technologies may possibly amplify the inequality among our wealthy and our unfortunate, our educated and our under educated in the capability to protect themselves inside our court system. Countless numbers of our most recent technologies have individuality for caution inside our criminal justice system. The main positive outcome is that it has great guarantee to advance our justice system more than impair it. When getting help from the Automated Fingerprint Identification System along with the facial recognition program, law enforcement and criminal justice officials will be able to detain a lot more of our severe criminal offenders. Therefore, creates successful benefits for the public and the people in which they are working to protect.

The operation of these technologies is important inside our criminal justice system. Without the various technologies that have recently been developed we would be finding it more difficult to fight crime and catch the one’s breaking the law. The systems not only help catch the criminals, but they also protect us while doing so. The DNA and fingerprint anaylisis are the most useful forms of technology we use. This is because no two fingerprints in the world are the same as someone else’s and the same goes for human DNA, no two strand of DNA will ever be exactly the same. This makes everyone their own unique individual because no one can be the same as the person you are sitting next to or a person around the world. There is one match for one person. When one person is created, it’s true to say the mold is broken each time. One person is made by two different people, leaving a completely new DNA strand to start.

The upcoming days hold a lot of innovative developments among technology and the criminal justice system; we just have to wait for it to be completely successfully created. For the most part, the main key to identifying and prosecuting a criminal is the continuous contact and expansion of these latest technologies to make certain that as the social order in a whole, we have made all we know as of today to help fight crime day to day. Every day there are new fresh innovative ideas for computers and technology. The more people work together in the criminal justice field to always come up with new ways to fight the crime, the better chance everyone has as a whole in the future to be better protected and secure.

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