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In the article, Pay your own way by Audrey Rock-Richardson, she discussed her reasoning’s for why she felt that kids should be responsible for their own financial needs for college. Rock-Richardson believes that every student should pay their own way because it will teach them responsibility and give them a feeling of self- accomplishment as it did her. Rock-Richardson is correct about students still having to work during their college years, but if they have someone that is willing and able to pay for their college and they are able to focus on their classes then they should take advantage of that situation.

It’s a great thing Rock-Richardson feels a self of accomplishment with her achievement of working and paying for school all by herself, but to feel that every student should have to pay for their own tuition just because she had to is very unbelievable. When someone first finds out they are going to be a parent, along with getting the nursery together, and getting a bigger car, opening a savings account and starting to save for that child’s future (college) is one of the things a parent feel they need to have done. Providing love, food, clothing and a great education is just a few of things that you are signed up for when becoming a parent. Although in the article Rock-Richardson sounds like she is proud of herself for completing such a hard task she also sounds like she is upset that she had to go through it. She uses examples of students saying their full time students and students who live in sorority houses to explain her case about kids not being responsible and not being “grown” enough. Being in sororities and frats and having a social life is a part of being in college.

College is a part of life where you experience life changing events. Your time in college is a time that should not be taken for granted because right after your finish, real life is thrown at you at full speed. So if someone is able to live their life and enjoy their college years then it definitely should be taken advantage of. Although a person is technically an adult while attending college, they aren’t necessarily “grown”. College is just a portion of schooling that a person has to go through to make sure they are getting everything from life. To even get a good job, having a college background is necessary. So all in all, putting your kid through school after high-school is only a part of their life that is going to ensure you that your kid is going to have a decent life and you have done all you can do to make sure of it.

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