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In quarter we allocated sales peoples salaries, bonuses, quotas and market share basing on the following information. Bob
Being oldest and most experienced of all the five sales people, we offered him a higher salary and high target for the quarter because basing on his experience he was capable of meeting the quota and he deserved the salary. Bob needed a higher salary so as to keep him motivated and thank him for being with the company for that long. Emily

She was the best sales person and had also been with our company much longer. She was the second highest paid sales person because of her performance and the respect she had in the company. Due to her shunning the limelight, we didn’t include her in the contest. Kevin

He had been with the company for three years. We allocated him third largest quota because he loves to takes risks and he is highly motivated. Jen

She was still new to the company. We offered her the third largest salary because she was highly motivated and worked harder. Katie she was the rookie of our team, but was the most promising recruit our region had.

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