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Displays are used in different ways and for different things. They can display work, information, or can be for help for a child in class. There are displays called ‘working walls’, which are added to/changed very often. It will have a permanent heading for example, ‘English’ but the things that are on there will change weekly or even daily depending on what they are learning. So if the class are learning about poems one week there work and helpful guidance and information will be on that board to look at and help them. And then if the topic changes and the class then learn about poems for example, help on poems will then go up. This means that the child is constantly reminded of the topic they are learning about and they have visuals all day to go back to if they are struggling. If the board is there for showing what the children have achieved it can be a way of making the child feels proud about what they have done.

Once they see that other people are looking at their work they will want to feel this pride again and hopefully work hard to do the same again, meaning they learn more when doing this. Some displays may be used as a reinforcement or reflection. For example R.E displays can include displays with a title such as ‘Shine as lights in the World’ which will include candlesticks and the flames will be on the bottom of the display for them to stick onto the candle stick. Each time they do this they should say a prayer making someone’s life brighter. This can reinforce the catholic religion in the school (if it a catholic school).

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