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Descriptive Person Essay Essay Sample

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Descriptive Person Essay Essay Sample

Ridiculous, pragmatic, stubborn, adaptable, crazy, serious – that’s my best friend, Logan Herlihy. Her contradicting personality perfectly complements itself. She is loved by everyone: kids, peers, adults, elderly. She is the type that will play patty-cake with a 3 year old for hours, and run to a door to hold it for an elderly person or someone with a handicap. She will always be there to lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone. “Lovely Logan”, a motivated athlete, a confident model, and a passionate volunteer, is a rare example of a perfect person, an inspiration to all.

Logan’s motivation is constantly pushing her to further improve her abilities in countless things, but more specifically is her athletic motivation. Her room, a small room which she shares with her sister, of a small house, is lined with many trophies and ribbons. Logan is no mediocre athlete; she is constantly working to excel. She practices every day, whether it be on her personal free time or at formal practice. She has a passion, a love, for what she does. She is a state champion swimmer and a national competitor in mixed martial arts (MMA). To her fellow athletes, she is an inspiration.

She is outstanding, but she never claims to be the best; she is admirably humble. She is selfless and supportive to all her teammates no matter what their skill level. If they are of higher skill than her, she will ask for advice and she will still be there on the sidelines, cheering them on as she would want people to do for her when she is competing. If they are of lower skill than her, she will never make fun of you, rub things in your face, or laugh at you, but rather she will work with you, mentor you, to teach you what she knows to help you be the best you can be. Her good sportsmanship can be reflected in her as she wishes luck to, congratulates, or simply says “good job” to a competitor. She is an optimist that is constantly smiling in the face of doubt.

Logan is not just a motivated athlete, but a stunning, confident model as well. As she lets down her sporty pony tail and gets in front of the lenses, she transforms into something beautiful, something gorgeous. Her long brown hair hangs down most of her back; though no matter what she does it seems not even one hair is out of place. Professionals spend hours on her hair and makeup, though she needs none of it. During this time, she is restless. She likes to be involved; she likes to be doing things. To be somebody’s test subject as they try lipstick after lipstick, eye shadow after eye shadow is nearly unbearable for her. This agonizing time for her, is something most women would love. When the preparations are finally done and she takes her breathtaking strides down the runway, no one can help but to stare in awe. Her tall slender body, ice blue eyes, flawless face and luscious hair make her ideal for what she does. Her confidence radiates from her, some even find this intimidating. It is easy to see why someone would be intimidated by this, but in reality she couldn’t hurt a fly. She’s much too gentle, much too sweet.

Logan can put herself aside completely and become a passionate volunteer. On her free time she volunteers at several places. Her favorite place to volunteer changes between the Animal Shelter and the nursing home, Marion Manor. She enjoys the nursing home for several reasons, among them is how the people always have fascinating stories that she can get lost in for hours. This leads into the most fulfilling reason she enjoys volunteering there, the way she affects the people’s lives. Though talking doesn’t seem like a big deal, to the people she speaks with, it means the world. When they are living in the elderly home, away from their families, feeling lonesome or feeling a burden to others, she takes those thoughts away by being willing to talk with them for hours and put a smile on their face. However, she loves working with animals.

She loves saving them, and giving them a home. She thinks of them as people, but the most innocent of all people, for they don’t do anything wrong, they don’t break the law, they have no greed or lust for power, they’re just innocent. She thinks differently than most people in ways such as this. She finds a deeper meaning in things. Everyone and everything is important in some way, whether it’s a human being or pesky mosquito and everyone can help in some way to make the world a better place. She understands this, which is why she has such a great passion for volunteering. Though most people would consider volunteering to be a burden, she loves it. Her compassion and empathy controls her. She always puts others before herself, even when she shouldn’t.

Though Logan seems to bite off more than she can chew, she miraculously always accomplishes her goals. She isn’t afraid of anything; neither the actions of people nor the eeriness of an abandoned haunted house will ever stop her! She is an exceptional person; I could not picture a life without her. Logan is truly one of a kind. She can be a sporty tom-boy that can really pack a punch or a beautiful model and find enjoyment in both yet her selflessness can still be reflected in everything she does be it modeling, sports, or volunteering.

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