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Introduction of TOPIC

Back in 1980, in a common fashion house in Milan, two young assistants, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, later on the partners both in life and in business, first met with each other. This was a place where they shared and started their dreams. And due to their same pursuit of fashion in representing the most refined qualities of apparel, leather goods, footwear and accessories synonymous with both elegance and creativity, they established a designer consulting studio in 1982; and in time it grew, they made their name together to begin Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) presenting their first women’s collection in 1985. Two years later, after their impressive success in the fashion show “New Talents” as invited by the organizers of the Milano Collezioni, D&G started to export their products to Asia. And in 1989, D&G made one of the wisest business decisions by opening its first boutique in Hong Kong. Such decision contributed significantly to the success of D&G in the Asian market since apart from being an international city combining the values of Western and Eastern, Hong Kong represents the leading position of Asia in fashion and influences the trend of fashion also in other countries like Japan and China. In the last 23 years, D&G was kept offering unique creations which reflect the tastes and expectations of the clientele in Hong Kong based on the values of creativity, originality and integrity of the brand.


p style="text-align: justify;">It is D&G’s constant desire to maintain such a mutual trust and

good relationship with Hong Kong customers. Alongside the business, D&G treasures much on the development of Hong Kong and hopes to contribute to the Hong Kong society as well. For examples, started from 2006, D&G has joined forces to host several online charity auctions and all proceeds from the auction go to the foundation, which helps teenagers lead active and healthy lives so they become stellar adults. In 2008, in order to help address the challenges of public health, D&G started its support for medical research around the world, including the “To Save the Children Foundation” especially to help the children in Hong Kong. Like always, D&G treats the Hong Kong market as one of the most important business partners worldwide and D&G will execute its expansion in Hong Kong by opening 4 more branches in the coming 3 years including the biggest one of over three floors and 6,900 square metre. To ensure that the Hong Kong customers can share the latest series of D&G’s products same as the European boutiques, D&G will also enhance the variety of products by adding the new series of sneakers, small leather goods, denim, pants and sunglasses, etc.

At the same time, D&G will further train up its staff members to strictly follow the founding principles of the group, especially the “Respect of the individuals”, which refers to not tolerating any form of discrimination and persecution, paying constant attention to creating and keeping an appropriate and respectful relationship with the customers. Beyond that, D&G will pay extra care on what its customers feel rather than simply enjoying its refined qualities of products used to be. To achieve this, D&G will include the new section of customers’ advice collecting its customers’ feedbacks on the customer service and after-purchase service in both its official website and Facebook page so that the group can interact directly with its customers all the time. D&G will also have a professional team to follow up and provide instant responses to the issues above. With the strong identity of the D&G brand of new luxury, authentic and unconventional, and the comprehensive customer care which have evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots, it is foreseen that D&G can further succeed in the fashion industry.

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